Solar Bright Tubular Skylights Vs Other Tubular Skylights

How do we compare with other skylight brands? See for yourself.

  • Other Brands

    Tube Skylight/ranges

    Other Tube Skylights On The Market

    Energy Rated:
    Most of traditional skylights have not been tested
    Unique Advanced Dome:
    Most of traditional skylights come with passive dome
    Cutting Edge Technology:
    Most of traditional skylights use old technology
    Easy Installation:
    Most of traditional Skylights will require change in roof structure
    Using Highest Super Reflective Anodised Tube:
    Most of traditional skylights use Flexi tube
    Seamless Leak Proof Roof Flashing:
    Most of traditional skylights are manufactured with rolled seams
    Choice of Modern Diffusers & Decorative Trims:
    Most of traditional skylights come with no options
    Controlling the Light:
    Most of traditional skylights cannot control light
    Unique Triple Lens Diffuser:
    High performance Energy Rated with Anodised Tube:
    Value for Money:
    Industry Leading 15 year Warranty:
    Australian Designed , Owned & Made:
    Even the most famous of Tubular Skylight manufacturers ship their products in from China. Make them in Chinese processing plants and then try to sell them as superior products at over the top prices. Be sure to ask when getting quotes!

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