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LG Solar Panels – The Full Range

Anyone who has started researching solar panels for their home or business will have come across the plethora of solar panel brands being offered in the Australian solar market. With over 70 brands available, all claiming to be good panels, it can become confusing to choose a panel brand you can trust.

LG solar panels are recognised as the best panels in the market and SolarBright have been an LG solar dealer since LG Solar launched in the Australian market. SolarBright has been appointed as an LG Solar Platinum Partner – the highest LG solar dealer level and one of only 25 across the country.

Purchasing an solar system with LG solar panels from an Authorised LG Energy Specialist and a CEC Approved Solar Retailer such as SolarBright, gives you the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a reputable solar installer and choosing a panel backed by the largest consumer brand in the solar industry.



LG is a global brand founded in 1947 and had global revenues of US$147 billion in 2018. They first turned their vast electronic and chemical expertise to solar in 1985 and now sell panels in over 30 countries.

Choice Magazine conducted comparison test of 15 major brand solar panels over 12 months in outdoor conditions and in the CSIRO labs. The updated results in 2018 showed the LG panel was rated the best with a final score of 96%.

LG Solar have won the prestigious Intersolar Award in Germany have also taken the award for the Australian Top Solar brand in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 firmly showing that LG solar panels are regarded as industry leaders.

LG estimate that they will sell over 200,000 panels in Australia in 2019 and the total installed base in Australia for LG panels is now over 1,000,000.

The 4 Top Advantages of LG Solar Panels

LG solar panels have over 30 advantages compared to standard solar panels. Let’s look at at the major advantages that make LG Solar panels the superior choice for the discerning customer.

Great Visual Appeal

You want your home to look smart, so LG created the NeON® 2 panel range to have great visual appeal stemming from the combination the black solar cells, the black aluminium frames and the very thin busbars (wires) that pass through each solar cell. The whole panel has great visual appeal.

LG Solar Panel Efficiency – Produce More Electricity from the Same Area

LG solar panel efficiency is a main feature of the panels and an LG solar system over its life will outproduce other panel brands more then returning the extra investment in the panels. We see the“cheap” solar companies still selling 275W panels that are physically are nearly the same size as the LG 350W NeON® 2 panel. The LG wattage is 27.3% higher and takes up similar roof space.

Compared to a 320W standard panel the 350W LG outguns it by producing 8.5% more electricity per square metre. If you want the highest power from a small roof or the most power you can get from your roof, the LG 350W NeON® 2 panel is your best choice.

LG Product Warranty 25 Years – Covers Parts AND Labour

Solar Panels came with 2 warranties – product warranty and performance warranty. The product warranty covers the solar panel – materials, defects and workmanship.

LG panels have a 25 year product warranty – 15 years longer than the industry standard. That is because LG know their panels are built to last that time and the warranty is backed by a global company with over 70 years in business. The warranty also covers the labour to replace the panel.

Most of the Chinese brand T1 panels in the market only have a 10 year product warranty and most do not cover labour for replacing the panel. Why only 10 years? Because the manufacturer thinks the panel may only last 10 years before things may go wrong. If something does go wrong within 10 years and your installer is out of business, then best of luck dealing with the panel manufacturer in China.


If you want to set yourself up properly for retirement or just want the best quality system, choose LG.

LG Improved Performance Warranty 25 Years
The performance of all solar panels degrades over time. The most important thing to understand is how fast they degrade and to what extent. All solar panels come with a performance warranty that warrants by how much the output will decrease over 25 years. The biggest performance drop occurs in the first year.

In the first year the LG solar panel will only degrade by -2% (down from -3%) and the yearly degradation over the next 24 years is now only -0.33%, down from -0.7%. These small numbers pay big dividends. After 25 years the LG is warranted to be still producing 90.08% of its rated output. This compares to only 83% for many competing panels (if they still are producing after 25 years – as many of these panels only have a 10 year product warranty!)
The extra investment in the superior LG panels will continue to pay benefits to you for 25 years.

LG Solar Panel Installation by SolarBright

LG Residential Solar Panels

The LG NeON® 2 350W Panel

Due to its superior performance and 25-year product and performance warranty, the LG NeON®2 350W panel has been chosen by SolarBright as the panel of choice for our premium LG solar systems.

With over 500,000 LG NeON®2 panels installed in Australia since 2015 they are a proven performer in the field with very few panels ever returned under warranty – a testament to LG’s superior engineering skills and manufacturing processes.


Why is the LG NeON®2recognised as a superior panel?

Because of the advanced technology that LG has developed and incorporated into the panel which results in higher electricity production per watt than standard panels.

This technology includes:

Better Low Light performance

The LG N-Type silicon used in the panel modules is more sensitive in low light increasing output in low light situations.


Double Sided Cello Technology

Most standard panels on have 6 busbars passing through each module on the panel, where as the LG panels have a their unique Cello Technology with 12 busbars in each module. This reduces current resistance, increases power output and improves reliability.

With this technology being double sided on the front and back of each module, it allows the panel to collect light spill over from the back of the panel and under the panel, again helping enhance the panel output compared to standard panels.

Improved Heat Tolerance

In hot conditions solar panel output performance diminishes. Compared to standard panels the LG panel has better hear tolerance improving output in hot weather.

These technology features are what help set the LG panels apart from the standard panels on the market making the LG NeON® 2 an excellent choice for high performing long lasting solar systems.


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  • The whole process was simple and fast .Javier came to our house and showed us the design and explained the process . Once I said yes to them ,within a week installation process done. Very impressed! My concern was there are so many cheap installers but I first checked with LG company to get the their authorised dealer and SolarBright is one of them. That's enough for me to trust this company.


  • Awesome installation service! All dealings with this company were friendly and helpful. The installers were very thoughtful and professional. Extremely happy with the service and product. Would definitely recommend to anyone after Solar Panels.

    Renee H - Nov 2019

  • SolarBright were great to deal with, very efficient company, Installers were polite and did a brilliant job, without any fuss. The new MaxBreeze Zhas shown excellent results in a very short time, we could feel the difference almost immediately with the sensors we have in our ceiling. I have no hesitation in recommending this product to family and friends. Once again thankyou to SolarBright for a professional job well done.

    Frank CNarrawena NSW

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