$500 off Tesla & Solar Package + Extra $750 Powerwall Rebate

Gain Energy Independence With a Tesla Powerwall & Solar Package

Take Advantage of an Extra $750 Rebate from Tesla

Powerwall is a home solar battery system that allows you to turn solar panels into an all-day power resource for your home or business giving you energy independence and offering backup in the event of a blackout.

If you are considering a new solar system with a Tesla battery then contact us today for an obligation free solar and battery assessment. We assess your energy consumption, power usage patterns, and design the appropriately sized solar system with a Tesla battery and offer you $500 off the cost of the package.

A Powerwall coupled with the right size solar system can power your home 24 hours a day. As a NETCC Approved Seller and Tesla Certified Power Installer with over 15,000 installs since 2008, SolarBright can can offer the correct solar and Powerwall package to suit your exact needs.

Powerwall & Solar Package Advantages

Night and Day Solar

With a Powerwall and solar package you continuously power your home day or night with free, clean energy. We can size the system to your needs.

Reduce Grid Reliance

A Powerwall and solar system will reduce your reliance on the grid and create a self-powered home giving you energy security.

Backup Power

Secure your home from blackouts with backup power from the Powerwall.

Child and Pet Friendly

With no hot air vents an no exposed cables or wires the Powerwall is safely child and pet friendly.

Powerwall Monitoring

Use the Powerwall app to monitor your energy production, consumption and manage the battery.

Weather Proof

The Powerwall has an IP67 water and dust ingress protection rating and is suited for outdoor mounting.

Tesla & Solar Package

What's Included

Now Available

$750 Rebate for Powerwall

For each Powerwall installed between August 11 and December 31 2023, our customers can claim a rebate of $750 from Tesla.

This rebate comes directly from Tesla and is independent of the the SolarBright offer of $500 off any Powerwall and solar package.

To take advantage of this great rebate offer you need to:

  • Have the Powerwall installed between 11 August 2023 31 December 2023
  • Have the Powerwall connected to the internet
  • Have the Power supplied and installed by a Tesla Certified Installer (SolarBright)
  • Claim the rebate directly from Tesla via the Tesla App from November 2023.

Contact SolarBright today and take advantage of this great Powerwall deal.

Monitor & Manage

Take Control of Your Power

The Powerwall app allows you to take control of your energy independence and manage your Tesla Powerwall from anywhere  You can monitor your energy production and home consumption in real-time to see how the Powerwall is interacting with your home, your solar system, and the grid.

The real life screen shots opposite were taken at 8.00AM. Overnight the home has been running on the energy stored in the Powerwall, and the solar system is now powering up to power the home during the day and recharge the Powerwall.

Available Across NSW


SolarBright has stock of Powerwall batteries ready to go. Contact us today to request a free consultation and secure $500 off your Tesla and Solar Panel Package. This offer is available for installation by our Certified Powerwall and CEC Accredited installers in the following areas:

  • Sydney
  • Illawarra and Southern Highlands
  • Central Coast
  • Newcastle
  • Hunter Valley
  • Central West
  • Tamworth
  • Port Macquarie, Taree, Kempsey and C0ffs.

This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer (excluding the Tesla direct $750 Powerwall rebate).

Usable Capacity 13.5 kWh
Peak Power 7 kWh
Continuous Power 5 kWh
Weight 125 kg
Scalability x10 Powerwalls
Warranty 10 Years

Choose Your Solar Provider Wisely

Why SolarBright?

Over 700 solar companies have come and gone in the last few years.

SolarBright has a track record you can trust with over 15,000 installations since 2008. You have the extra peace of mind that comes from dealing with a NETCC Approved Seller that abides by the highest standards in the industry.

We have helped thousands of families and businesses in Sydney and across NSW cut their power bills with solar panel installations and solar battery solutions.

As a Tesla Powerwall Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer SolarBright is equipped to supply and professionally deliver any sized Powerwall and solar project.


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Book a free in-home consultation with one of expert energy consultants. We can assess your energy usage and design a Powerwall and solar system to perfectly suit your energy needs.

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