Rheem Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water

A range of quality gas hot water solutions that deliver an endless supply of hot water that will never run out.

Rheem Gas Water Heater

Continuous gas hot water heaters are considered one of the most popular water heaters with its exclusive features and professional grade quality. This is what makes Rheem’s gas water heaters the perfect hot water solution for families of all sizes and budgets. Its ability to effectively and efficiently heat water has left residents across Australia with a constant supply of hot water all year round, at a fraction of the cost. Changing from an old electric hot water tank can save you up to 80% on your energy costs each year, letting you put that towards other things for your family.

How Does Continuous Gas Hot Water Work?

  • You turn the hot water tap on
  • Water enters the heater
  • The water flow sensor detects the water flow
  • The computer automatically ignites the internal burner
  • Water circulates through the heat exchanger
  • The heater exchanger heats the water to the designated temperature
  • The hot water flows to your tap for as long as it is on. When the tap is turned off, the unit shuts down.

Rheem 24L 7 Continuous Gas Hot Water Heater

rheem continuous flow 24 7

Rheem offers a Continuous Flow Water Heater with energy efficiency equivalent to 7 STARS. With its high-efficiency design, the Rheem 24 7 Star equivalent sets new standards in Continuous Flow.

Continuous flow water heaters deliver an endless supply of hot water that will never run out. With 24L/minute capacity, the Rheem 24 7 Star equivalent is ideal for broad applications from units, to family homes and commercial applications.

Rheem 27L Continuous Gas Hot Water Heater

Hot water that never runs out. Rheem 27 is our highest capacity continuous flow gas water heater. With 27L/minute capacity it can deliver that little bit of extra hot water when you need it. It’s perfect for large families with limited space, but big demands for hot water.

rheem continuous flow 27

Rheem 24L Continuous Gas Hot Water Heater

rheem continuous flow 24

Never ending gas hot water in a compact, medium-capacity model that’s ideal for homes with limited space, medium-sized apartments and townhouses

Rheem Continuous Flow 12 -20 Gas Hot Water Heaters

Rheem performance and reliability in a compact and mighty unit packed with features.
Compact and suitable for a wide variety of applications from apartments, mobile homes, site buildings, to bathrooms and en-suites.

rheem continuous flow 12
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