Rheemglas® Electric Hot Water Systems

A range of quality Hot water solutions for people on a budget, or consume smaller amounts of hot water.

Rheem is a trusted Australian manufacturer of hot water systems, and the Rheemglas is an attractive option for either those on a budget, or those looking to consume smaller amounts of hot water. It’s also just as reliable as the rest of the Rheem range; meaning you won’t have to worry about the performance of this product over the long term.


rheemglas 125l

These Rheem electric water heaters are incredibly easy to install; making them ultra convenient; especially if you’re replacing an existing unit. They’re adept at heating water quickly and efficiently, and provide a relatively inexpensive solution to all of your hot water needs around the house. Coming in a wide range of sizes, you can choose the best model for your and your family’s needs.

Rheemglas® 40L Electric Hot Water System

rheemglas 40l

The most compact electric hot water system available in the over 40L range at just 668mm HIGH (including anode cap) and smallest diameter on the market at only 393mm. This Rheemglas COMPACT is designed for restricted space applications.

Rheemglas® 25L, 50L & 80L Electric Hot Water Systems

rheemglas 50l hot water

Rheemglas® 25, 50 & 80L electric water heaters are perfect for tight spots where there’s limited demand for hot water such as a one bedroom apartment, company kitchens and canteens.


  • Rheem Electric Hot Water Systems

    $300 - $1500

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