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Rheem Gas Hot Water System

How Gas Hot Water Heaters Work & Their Benefits.

A major gas hot water benefit for the home or workplace is that it is such an environmentally friendly option. The gas used to produce the hot water burns very cleanly, thus less emissions resulting in cleaner air and better for the environment.

Gas hot water systems heat a fresh tank of water very quickly resulting in less waiting time for the whole family.

Gas hot water heaters sit outside the home at ground level, the burner is located under the storage tank.
Once the water is heated to a relatively high set temperature (usually 60-70 degree Celsius) it’s kept in the tank ready for use. When you turn on your hot tap the hot water is drawn from the top of the tank and replaced by a layer of cold water at the bottom. The temperature drop is sensed by a thermostat, which turns on the heater at the bottom to start heating the water again.

how gas hot water heaters work

Rheem Stellar 360 Gas Stainless Steel Hot Water Heater

rheem stellar 360 stainless steel

Rheem Stellar® is synonymous with the best in gas hot water, providing superior energy efficiency and hot water recovery. Now Rheem Stellar® adds even more innovation and performance with the addition of the stellar 330L Stainless Steel to the range.

Rheem Stellar 330/360 Gas Hot Water Heater

A favourite among families Rheem Stellar®is a premium 5 Star energy efficient water heater, with fast replacement of any hot water as it’s used.
Money saving – 5 Star gas energy efficiency helps save on gas bills.

rheem stella 330/360

Rheem Large Gas Hot Water Heater Storage

rheem continuous flow 24

For hot water on a budget. The Rheem 5 star energy efficiency provides plenty of hot water and an affordable gas hot water option for even the largest family.

Rheem Medium Gas Storage Hot Water Heaters

Reduce your gas bills and your carbon footprint at the same time with a Rheem Gas Storage water heater.
Choose from Rheem 4 Star for an easy and more energy efficient replacement of your old gas water heater, Rheem 5 Star for an affordable 5 Star solution.

All models offer the mains pressure advantage so you can run hot water from multiple taps and showers at the same time.

rheem medium gas

Rheem Small Gas Hot Water Heater Storage

rheem small gas

An easy and efficient gas hot water solution for small households or places with limited space and low demand for hot water. This range of gas storage water heaters are great for homes with 1-3 people or places with limited space and lower demand for hot water such as office canteens, small homes or apartments.

Includes Rheem 4 Star and Rheem 3 Star models. (Note: 4 Star minimum now required in most states).


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