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An affordable step towards Solar Hot Water, perfect for upgrading from an electric system

Solar Powered Hot Water Pump

Why Heat Pump Technology Is The New Energy Efficient Choice For Hot Water

And How They Work

Traditionally, solar water heaters have proven themselves to be an energy efficient renewable water heating alternative to gas and electric systems. While solar systems are still an efficient way to heat water, solar powered water pumps save equivalent amounts of energy and greenhouse gas emissions to electric boosted solar systems, yet are relatively more cost effective to purchase. Solar hot water pumps have evolved to be able to provide the following unique advantages:

  • Relatively low cost to purchase and install
  • Easy, ‘same day’ replacement
  • Frost protected
  • Safe, as water temperature is electronically controlled
  • Doesn’t require roof mounted panels, which reduces the structural load on your roof and increases the aesthetic value to your property
  • They work day and night, as they don’t rely on daylight to operate 100%
how a heat pump works

Rheem MPi Heat Pump Hot Water System

rheem mpi325 heat pump

The Rheem MPi Series Heat Pump is suitable for moderate – warm climates and average size families. Makes an ideal replacement for an electric water heater. This system is available in two sizes with the 410l model only available to people in NSW or QLD.

Rheem HDi Heat Pump Hot Water System

rheem hdi325 heat pump

The Rheem HDi Series Heat Pump is designed for speedy recovery.


  • Rheem Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters

    $2200 - $4000

    Terms and Conditions Apply

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