Commercial Solar Power Systems

Solar Power provides businesses with a stable, ongoing means of alternative energy, and our No Deposit, 5 year finance option, means the Solar Power literally pays for itself!

Commercial Solar PV Power Systems

Today, Solar PV systems in Australia offer commercial, industrial enterprises, offices, retail outlets, shops, petrol pumps etc. a fantastic opportunity to save a great deal of money on their energy bills. It’s simple – businesses operate during the day and over 80% of their energy bill comes from daytime operations. Installing a Solar PV system allows your business to generate its own electricity during the day, offering you the chance to save, literally thousands of dollars in electricity charges.

Our tailored energy saving packages are designed specifically to help businesses of any size, to become energy efficient. Couple that with our 10+ years of experience of installing thousands of Solar PV systems, ranging from 10kW to 100kW’s, you can see how choosing Solar Bright as your partner for providing you with quality energy integration services, would be the right choice.

Let’s look at exactly what we provide:

  • Full in-house engineering and project management. You can confidently leave the project in our hands, while you concentrate on running your business.
  • In-house system design - We will work with you to design the perfect solution tailored specifically to your businesses needs and building requirements.
  • Project Planning - For every project we take on, we have a Project Manager using all the experience gained by the company in implementing Commercial Solar PV projects, thus ensuring the projects stay time, on cost and without major disruptions.
  • In-house installation - Our team of professional installers have been trained to treat your business with respect.

How Solar Power Will Benefit Your Business

Why Is It Such A Good Investment?

We are lucky in Australia to benefit from regular sunny days. This means that solar power provides businesses with a stable, ongoing means of alternative energy, and because it has now become so affordable for many businesses, the electricity savings alone make the decision to invest in Solar PV a no-brainer.

So let’s look at some of the benefits installing solar power with us provides a commercial entity:

  • Often the monthly savings on electricity alone cover your monthly costs of installation (We offer No Deposit 5 year Finance)
  • The cost of the Solar Power system is 100% tax deductible (on top of having your savings paying off your installments)
  • We do the installation with NO DEPOSIT - So you can start benefiting from the savings immediately without any additional expense!
  • After 5 Years the loan is paid off and you own the system completely. Leaving you to enjoy the savings for as long as you occupy the building
  • Enjoy Increased Property Value - When the time does come to sell, you can benefit from best possible rates, as commercial properties already offering Solar Power are very much in demand.
Solar 50KW Installation Camden RSL

First Steps, Our Energy Proposal

How We Help You Find The Right Solution

  • Step 1: Our trained staff will come on your site and provide a complete project estimation.
  • Step 2: Our Clean Energy Certified staff will provide you with an Energy audit. This important document will showing you exactly what savings you can expect, based on your previous energy use. Here are some other elements it will outline:
    • Your energy demand estimation and consumption pattern for your business,
    • Recommended System Size(s)
    • Daily / Monthly / Yearly Solar Generation Projections based on your longitude and latitude specific to your location and environment conditions.
    • Compare your Solar Generation, possible consumption and excess export projections (money back from Energy Company for excess power) - so you will understand exactly what you can expect to save, and make back from your Solar Power Installation
  • Step 3: Help arrange finance. We will introduce you to and prepare the requirements for the relevent financial institutions.
  • Step 4: Finally, after the initial Assessment & Audit, we will submit everything to your business and get an approval in principal before we submit the final quote to you. In short, whatever your requirements, we will work along with you, and your finance partners to help you realise your goal.

What Kind Of Businesses?

Benefit From Solar Power The Most

Our services can benefit almost any business that uses energy and are ideally suited to businesses with high all day energy use such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse and distribution centres
  • Hotels, pubs and clubs
  • Hospitals, nursing homes and medical centres
  • Gyms & sporting facilities
  • Schools
  • Supermarkets
  • Petrol Pumps etc.

Commercial Solar Installation Gallery

Where Can I Buy Your Commercial Solar Power Systems?

Solar Brights head office and showroom are located in Prestons, Sydney, NSW, but we supply our solar power systems to businesses across the wider Sydney area. Below we have outlined a list of the Sydney suburbs we currently service via our Sydney head office.

Suburbs In Sydney We Service Directly

  • Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, Bondi Beach, Kingsford and all surrounding suburbs.
  • Hurstville, Bankstown, Kingsgrove and all surrounding suburbs
  • Sutherland, Sylvania, Lucas Heights and surrounding suburbs
  • Wetherill Park, Cabramatta, Prestons and all surrounding suburbs
  • Parramatta, Blacktown, West Pennant Hills and all surrounding suburbs
  • North Sydney, Chatswood, West Ryde, North Ryde, Manly and all surrounding suburbs
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