Racking and Railing Fixtures

Although railing and racking systems, are hidden beneath the solar panels, they are an important element to your system that many other companies overlook.

Solar Panel Racking & Railing Systems

Many other companies don’t talk about the solar panel railing and racking systems, as they are hidden beneath the solar system. However, we do – for a simple reason that these elements, as well as the solar panels, are exposed to our harsh Australian environmental conditions. So regardless of how great your solar panels are, if your railing & racking fixtures aren’t up to scratch, your investment will be in danger.

The solar rail mounting systems used by Solar Bright are flexible and can be configured for either flush or tilted roof, ground and pole mount applications, and are designed to fit all type of roof profiles. All parts are tested and meet the Australian standard.

Roof Racking System

Our Tile & Metal Roof Solar Racking System has been engineered to provide maximum flexibility when designing and planning a commercial or residential roof solar system. It works with standard framed solar panels to make them flush with a pitched roof. The specially designed extruded aluminum rail, the tilt-in module, the clamp kit and the various roof hooks can be pre-assembled and make the installation quicker and easier, whilst also providing high anti-corrosive performance, improved structural strength and moe pleasing esthetic appearance.

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Tilt Frames for Flat Roofs

Our fixed Tilt Solar Racking System is used when installing standard framed solar panel modules, but provide the benefit of being able to tilt to a specific angle on top of the roof. This ensures your solar power system is as effective as possible and can be angled to catch as much sunlight as possible, regardless of the angle or pitch of your roof. The solar system can be at a fixed or adjustable angle, such as 10~15 deg, 15~30 deg and 30~60 deg depending on your requirement.

Pole Mounted Systems

Solar Bright’s pole mounted systems are used when the solar panels need to be placed on a single pole from the ground. They can be angled to the correct inclination for maximum solar efficiency and according to different conditions, there are several options available. We find that they are mostly used in rural farmhouse applications.The pole mount system pays a lot of importance to safety and longevity. The systems have been calculated to comply with the structural mechanics and tested strictly. It’s materials and parts, such as steel and aluminum, are all finished to offer a great anti-corrosion property which can last at least twenty years in outdoor use.

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