SolarEdge HD-Wave Genesis Inverters

The worlds besting selling inverter is now even better - delivering more power, savings and safety.

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SolarEdge HD-Wave Genesis Inverters

The SolarEdge HD-Wave Genesis single phase inverter is the latest generation of the world’s best selling-series of inverters.

SolarEdge HD-Wave Genesis single phase inverter

HD-Wave Genesis inverters are designed with a unique HD-Wave technology for the power conversion from DC electricity generated by the solar panels to AC electricity that is used in the power grid and powers the home. This technology reduces the heavy cooling elements and magnetics required in the solar inverter reducing the size and weight of the unit. It also results in more efficient power conversion at a record breaking 99%.

For the homeowner, this means increased power production and a better return on investment.

The launch of the new inverter is accompanied with a price reduction making smart solar technology even more accessible for Australian solar consumers.

If you are facing issues such as shading, space issues on the roof or a difficult roof shape, or just want to maximise system production and your savings, then SolarBright recommends the SolarEdge HD-Wave Genesis inverters as the right choice.

What is SolarEdge Smart Solar?

Smart Solar from SolarEdge is a complete solar system solution where all the key components from SolarEdge are designed to work together. The key components are the inverter combined with small electronic devices called power optimisers, which are attached to each solar panel. The system is managed and monitored with a comprehensive system management platform through the mySolarEdge app or accessed through an internet browser on a PC.

Smart Solar from SolarEdge is a complete solar system solutionAll SolarEdge inverters need to be teamed with the optmisers. SolarEdge invented power optimisers and they revolutionise the way that power is harvested from solar systems. The traditional string inverters used in most solar systems in Australia, come with limitations and issues that SolarEdge inverters and power optimisers overcome.

With string inverters, the panels on the roof need to be set up in two strings. All the panels in a string need to be aligned in the same direction. One of the main limitations is that the string inverter sees and manages the panels in a string basically as a single panel, and all panels in the string will only produce at the same rate as the worst performing panel. If a 370W panel gets partially shaded and the output falls by 100W, all panels in the string will drop by 100W.

Shading is not the only issue. Poor panel performance can be caused by different factors.

SolarEdge HD-Wave Genesis Inverter Performance
Panel Level Optimisation is a Must

With a SolarEdge inverter and optimisers each panel can produce at its maximum output independent from the performance of other panels. Over the life of the system this results in increased power yield of up to 20% and consequently increased savings and return on investment for the customer.

SolarEdge HD-Wave Genesis Inverter Models

The single phase range of the HD-Wave Genesis inverters released in Australian consists of the following models from 3kW through to 10kW:

  • 3kW SE3000H
  • 5kW SE5000H
  • 6kW SE6000H
  • 8.25kW SE8250H
  • 10kW SE10000H

Comprehensive Warranty

For peace of mind the HD-Wave Genesis inverters are backed with a 12-year warranty from SolarEdge covering parts and labour. Many competing inverters offer a 10-year warranty but only the first 5 years are covered for parts and labour. Years 6 to 10 are only a materials warranty covering the parts, and it is up to the homeowner to pay for the technician to swap out the inverter.

There are upgrade options available to extend the SolarEdge inverter warranty to 20 or 25-years.

The power optimisers boast a 25-year warranty.

SolarEdge HD-Wave Genesis Inverter Warranty
SolarEdge Inverter Warranty

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    SolarEdge In-depth System Monitoring

    Every SolarEdge HD-Wave Genesis inverter comes with a free, comprehensive system monitoring tool. This gives you anytime, any where  real-time access to the system performance and power production through the mySolarEdge app on your phone or via an internet browser.

    The monitoring can be set up to send alerts in the event of any issues.

    SolarEdge monitoring tool

    An optional upgrade enables customer access and monitoring down to the individual panel level.

    Quick Specs

    5kW HD-WAVE Genesis Inverter Key Features and Quick Specs

    • 99% record breaking efficiency for more energy production
    • Designed specifically to work with the SolarEdge power optimisers to maximise power output from each individual panel
    • A suite of enhanced safety features with arc fault detection and protection, and SafeDC to automatically de-energise the inverter and system in the event of an issue to make it safe
    • Battery Ready solution with on-grid storage support
    • In depth monitoring with the mySolarEdge app
    • Fanless cooling with <25 dBA noise rating
    • Operating temperature -40 to +60°C so suited for Australian conditions
    • Suitable for indoor or outdoor installations with an IP65 rating
    • Size mm 450H x 370W x 174D with safety switch
    • Noise rating <25 dBA
    • 12-Year parts and labour warranty with upgrade to 20 or 25-years

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