LG NeON H+ 415W High Performance Solar Panels

The LG Neon H Plus solar panel combines the latest technology, higher efficiency and a 25-year product warranty making it the ideal choice.

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415W LG Neon H+ Solar Panels With the Latest Technology

Our Most Powerful Panel Ever

The latest generation of the exceptional LG Neon Solar Panel Range is now available! The new LG 415W Neon H+ solar panel features N-Type cells with half-cut technology boasting higher efficiency and increased power compared to earlier models.

Their excellent performance in high temperatures make them an ideal choice for the hot Australian climate.-

Built to last, the NeON H is backed with LG’s 25-year product and performance warranty.

In 1985, with their expertise and deep knowledge of semi-conductors, LG Electronics began to research solar energy and power. The new NeON H solar panels are the latest, sixth generation of LG Solar panels , which are widely recognised as the leading solar panels available.

SolarBright is a CEC Approved Solar Retailer and is recognised by LG as a leading LG solar installer in Sydney and NSW. Due to our commitment to the highest levels of customer service and quality, LG has appointed SolarBright as an LG Authorised Solar Platinum Partner – one of only ten in NSW.

SolarBright is proud to design and install solar systems based on the industry leading LG NeON H solar panels for residential and commercial solar customers  in Sydney and NSW. Our standard LG solar panel is now the new 415W LG NeON® H+.

LG NeON® H+ panels are set apart from the other 200 panel brands on the Australian market by innovative technology. The CELLO double sided cell technology with the multi-wire busbar, absorbs light from the front and back of the cell, resulting in increased power generation per panel.


If you are seeking a visually pleasing, high performance, highly efficient panel for your home or business, or you have a roof where space is tight, or are considering a solar battery in the future, then the NeON H is the panel to choose.

LG solar panels are backed by a trusted  global consumer brand.  They offer peace of mind over the other brands selling panels in the Australian market.


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    415W LG NeON H+ Panels – Designed for Superior Performance

    Excellent Low Light Performance: The panels have excellent performance under low light conditions with LG technology and Korean manufacturing with low tolerances to ensure highly consistent performance. The low light performance increases the overall power yield and savings over the life of the system.



    Improved High Temperature Performance: As the temperature rises solar panels slowly lose the ability to generate power and their output falls. With an improved temperature co-efficient compared to standard panels, the LG NeOn H will deliver higher output in hot weather – perfect for Aussie conditions.



    Enhanced Performance and Product Warranty: The enhanced performance warranty of the LG NeON H panel guarantees that the panel will be able to output to at least 90.6% of its initial performance. Where as many panel brands only have a 10-year or 12-year product warranty, the NeON H is backed with an outstanding 25-year provided by LG.


    Increased Output with Anti-Reflective Coatings and HTAR Glass: The NeON H panels are manufactured with Highly Transmitted Anti Reflective (HTAR) glass which has low reflectivity. This transmits more light through to the cells to increase power generation, compared to the AR glass used in earlier panels.



    Proven Performance in the Field: It is real world performance that counts. In numerous LG comparison tests against many other brands, the LG NeON panels are consistently among the best performing.



    Low Light Induced Degradation: The performance of solar panels degrade over time with exposure to sunlight. The doping of the N-type LG cells results in extremely low levels of Light Induced Degradation (LID) when compared to standard P-type cells. Over the life of the system this results in increased power generation as the panel degrades less.


    Trusted Brand – Multi Award Winning

    Backed with $60 billion in world wide sales, LG are a trusted brand. LG solar panels have won numerous awards in Australia and internationally. Most recently LG  have won the Australian Readers Digest Most Trusted Brands Solar Panels 2021 and 2020.



    Quick Specs

    LG NeON® H+ LG415N3C-V6 415W Panels


    The high performer built to last- with 21.2% module efficiency

    • 132 Monocrystalline N-Type cells
    • Dimensions 1880 x 1042 x 40mm
    • Weight 19.7kg
    • Great visual appearance with the black cells, black frames and thin wire busbars
    • 25 years product warranty (parts and labour) is 15 years longer than most standard panel warranty and is covered by LG Electronics Australia.
    • LG panels have a Corrosion Resistance Certification Salt Mist Corrosion to maximum severity 6 and Ammonia Resistance also. Intall them with confidence right up to the beach line.
    • With double walled frames the panels are certified to a wind rating of 5400 Pascals more than double that of some other panels.
    • The modules have a double-sided cell structure that produces energy from the front and the back of the panel giving additional electricity.
    • Low power loss with half cut technology. The LG unique N-type cell technology reduces electrical loss and resistance.
    • Increased power generation with LG “CELLO” multi wire busbar and double sided cell technology increases panel efficiency.

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