Eging 370W EG-370M60-HE Solar Panel

A powerful 370W panel backed with a 25-year warranty.

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Eging 370W EG-370M60-HE Solar Panel

The Eging 370W EG-370M60-HE Solar Panel presents powerful performance at a great price point. It is backed with an excellent 25-year product warranty when many other panels only offer a 10 or 12-year product warranty.

Eging 370W EG-370M60-HE Solar Panel Features

Mono Half Cut Cell Technology and the 9 multi bus bars in each cell offer less resistance and ensure a higher power production.

Eging panel cell detail showing the 9 thin wire bus bars.

High Efficiency  – module efficiency of 20.3%

Excellent Low Light Performance due to the advanced solar cell texturing technology

Strong Design –certified to withstand 2400Pa wind load.

25-Year Panel Warranties

Most competing panels in the market only offer a 10 or 12-year product warranty on the panel. The quality Eging 370W panels comes with a product warranty of 25-years – equivalent to some leading brands.

The panel also features a 25-year linear performance warranty. The power output of all solar panels decreases as the panel ages. Some degrade more quickly than others – always check this.

The370W EG-370M60-HE solar panel is warranted to still be delivering almost 85% of its rated power output after 25-years. Many competing panels will only deliver 80%.

Be aware that many solar ads will say 25-year warranty. In most cases they are referring to the performance warranty, as all panels sold in the Australia must have a 25-year performance warranty. Always check the product warranty on the panel as not many have a a 25-year product warranty.

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    How It Works

    Eging 370W EG-370M60-HE Solar Panel Quick Specs

    • 25-year  product warranty
    • 25-Year linear performance warranty with 84.8% output after 25 years
    • 20.31% module efficiency
    • 0-+3% positive Pmax power tolerance
    • 120 x Mono cells with half cut technology
    • Black anodised aluminium frame
    • IP68 rated junction box
    • Panel dimensions LxWxH 1755 x 1038 x 30mm
    • Panel weight 19kg

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