LG Solar Panels

High-quality, highly efficient solar panels made by LG.

If you’re looking for a premium solution that you can rely on, then you can’t go wrong with LG solar panels; and we’re proud to provide you with these products here at Solar Bright.

LG Solar Panels In Australia

As a trusted brand synonymous with quality, LG brings its stellar reputation to the solar panel industry, and the products don’t disappoint. These panels are the result of LG’s years of dedicated research, and commitment to providing you with long-lasting and effective solutions.

If you’re after a superior quality option then you won’t be disappointed with these panels; which represent an investment in terms of high-grade design, production, after sales support, and reliability.

LG tests all solar units, to ensure that they meet the standard power output. The Mono X units in particular feature a 10 year warranty, and a linear 25 year output warranty (of 80.2%), so you can have complete peace of mind that they’ll perform for a long period.

Solar Bright is proud and excited to be an authorised dealer of LG solar panels, so we’re the perfect choice to help you find the perfect product. Check out our profile on LG’s website.


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