Max Power Solar VS LG NeON+ Solar Panels

Head to head comparison between Max Power and LG NeON H+ 390W solar panels

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Max Power MPS-390N Solar Panel Vs 390W LG NeON H+ Comparison

The LG  NeON H+ solar panels were regarded as the best solar panels available in the market. Their features and long warranties set them apart from standard solar panels. Prior to LG withdrawing from the market in 2022, SolarBright was a long term LG partner. Due to our expertise and commitment to excellent levels of customer  service, we were made an LG Platinum Partner – one of only 20 solar companies in Australia to reach this highest level.

LG were SolarBright’s premium panels, chosen by our customers who wanted more power, more savings, and long warranties for peace of mind. Now that LG panels are no longer available, we have chosen the Max Power Solar MPS-390N as our premium solar panel.

The MPS-390N is the natural successor to the LG NeON H+ 390W panel. In the comparison table below the Max Power Solar and LG NeON panels go head to head, showing the reasons for this. The Max Power 390W is superior to the LG in several key areas. There is not one area where the LG panel bests the Max Power panel.


Max Power MPS-390N vs LG NeON H+ 390W Comparison


Max Power Solar




LG390 NIC-E6




Module Efficiency



Module Dimensions

1756 X 1039 mm

1768 X 1042 mm

Product Warranty

25 Year

25 Year

Performance Warranty

30 Year

25 Year

Half Cut Technology



Silicon Type (P-Type is industry standard)

Advanced N-Type

Advanced N-Type

Bifacial Advantage

YES Generates power from 2 sides

NO Generates power from 1 side only

Black Frame



Double Sided Glass

YES Glass on front & rear. Can generate 20% more power

NO Glass on front & plastic on the rear


Yes, Manufactured in a Tier 1 facility

Yes, Manufactured in a Tier 1 facility

Made in







Australian office

Ceased manufacturing



Max Power Solar VS LG NeON Panels – the Verdict

These are the key areas where the Max Power outshines the LG:

  • Dual glass with both front and back sheets made of glass for superior longevity and strength.
  • Bifacial technology enables the Max Power panel to produce power from both the front and the back of the cells for more power.
  • Higher efficiency for more power.
  • Smaller physical footprint and higher output per square metre.
  • Backed with Australian warranties and a longer performance warranty.
  • Less investment required for a superior panel.
  • Max Power is an Australian brand with local support. LG Solar are no longer manufacturing panels or have a local office.


the Max Power delivers superior performance, more power, more savings and long Aussie warranties for peace of mind. For these reasons the Max Power MPS-390N is the natural choice for customers in the Australian market that were considering LG NeON panels.


Download the comparison sheet.


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    • Awesome installation service! All dealings with this company were friendly and helpful. The installers were very thoughtful and professional. Extremely happy with the service and product. Would definitely recommend to anyone after Solar Panels.

      Renee H - Nov 2019

    • Jordy was brilliant from go to whoa. He really knows his products and didn't pressure us into the priciest option. We were always confident that he was putting our needs before his commission. The installation team was very professional and did a more than tidy job, and Jordy's excellent customer service did not evaporate as can so often be the case with less scrupulous operators. He came by post-installation to run us through the ins and outs of the system and its various user interface and explain ways to get the best possible deal out of energy providers. Thank you, Jordy!!

      Brent & Kate

    • The whole process was simple and fast .Javier came to our house and showed us the design and explained the process . Once I said yes to them ,within a week installation process done. Very impressed! My concern was there are so many cheap installers but I first checked with LG company to get the their authorised dealer and SolarBright is one of them. That's enough for me to trust this company.


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