Max Power Solar - 390W Panels

With the latest technology for superior power output. the Max Power Solar 390W panels are backed with comprehensive Australian warranties.

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Max Power Solar MPS-390N 390W Solar Panel

Premium 390 Watt Panel With Australian Warranties

Outstanding  Features and Technology

Leading Australian 25-year product and 30-year performance warranties, superior N-Type cells, bifacial technology, and glass front and back sheets set the Max Power apart from other panels in the market.

The latest technology in the Max Power Solar  MPS-390N panel delivers superior  performance with exceptional  efficiency of 21.35%. Backed with  industry leading, all Australian warranties from Max Power Solar, they are a smart choice.

Max Powewr panels installed on a roof


 Max Power MPS-390N Solar Panel Key Features

The key features make the panel an ideal choice for Australian conditions.

Built Tough with Dual Glass: The powerful panel is built extra tough to thrive in harsh Aussie conditions. It features tempered glass sheets on the front and back for extra strength and higher efficiency. Most panels sold in Australia only have a plastic backing sheet. In hot Aussie summers the plastic sheet can delaminate, a common cause of of panel failure.

Superior N-Type Cells with Bifacial Technology: The N-Type cells in the module out produce the standard P-Type cells in other panels in low light conditions such as early morning, late afternoon and on cloudy days. This means the panel delivers increased power and more savings to you every day.

More Power: The panels has a massive 390 watts of output from a standard panel size footprint. It is ideal for customers with tight roof space, or those who need the most power production.

Exceptional Efficiency of 21.35%.

Salt mist and Corrosion resistance: This makes it an ideal choice for customers living near the coast.

Visually Appealing: With black frames and cells the panels perfectly complement Australian home design.

Max Power Solar panels are expertly manufactured in a state of the art Tier-1 facility and will deliver a lifetime of trouble free performance in harsh Australian conditions.


Industry Leading Australian Warranties

The Max Power MPS-390N has an Australian 25-year product product warranty covering workmanship and materials for the panels. Most other panels only have 12 or 15 years.

There is also an extensive 30-year linear performance warranty. The output of all solar panels degrades over time. After 30-years the Max Power Solar panel is warranted to still perform at over an incredible 87% of the original rating. Other panels only have a 25-year performance and will only be rated at around 80% output.


This means that a Max Power Solar system will produce more power over the life of the panels, resulting in increased savings for customers.


Premium Panel Comparison: Max Power Vs LG NeON H

LG NeON solar panels have long been recognised as the benchmark premium panel in the in the Australian market.

We have compared the Max Power MPS-390N to the LG NeON H+ 390W panel looking at the main specifications and features. In the comparison the Max Power shows as a superior offering in several key ways.


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    Quick Specs

    Max Power Solar MPS-390N 390W Panel Quick Specs

    • Excellent visual appearance with the black cells and black frames
    • 25-year Australian product warranty
    • 30-Year linear performance warranty with 87.4% output after 30-years
    • Glass front and back sheets
    • 120 N-Type cells with bifacial technology
    • 21.35% module efficiency
    • 0-5W positive power tolerance
    • Anodised aluminium frame
    • IP68 rated junction box
    • Panel dimensions LxWxH 1756 x 1039 x 30mm
    • Panel weight 23kg

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