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Seraphim 370W Solar Panels SRP-370-BMB

The Seraphim 370W Solar Panel is One of the Most Powerful Panels Available


Delivering a whopping 370 watts of output, the new Seraphim 370W solar panel is one of the most powerful solar panels available in the Australian market.

In line line with SolarBright’s philosophy of bringing the best solar technology to market at accessible prices , the Seraphim SRP-370-SMB 370W solar panel is now our standard solar panel offering for T1 based residential and commercial solar systems. The panel combines high quality, great performance and outstanding power at a great price.

Seraphim are a highly regarded Tier 1 solar module and panel manufacturing company with a strong R&D focus. Since being established in 2009 Seraphim have over 6GW of installed solar panels world-wide.

Highly Efficient 166 Half Cell Series Modules

The Seraphim 370W panel features top technology with 166 half cut cells, each cell having 9 thin wire busbars to carry the power generated to increase efficiency -most panels only have  5 or 6.

Each module in the 166 cell series solar panels consists of two identical parts (half cells), which are composed of cells that are half the size of ordinary solar cells. By cutting cells into halves, these smaller cells reduce “Cell To Module” loss, which means higher output.

With the shorter ribbon length of the cells, power loss in the cells is reduced by 6%.

The module efficiency is 19.8%.

Seraphim 370W Panel Detail Showing Half Cells with 9 Busbars

More Solar Power From Less Roof Space

With standard 300W panels you need to have the roof space to fit 22 panels to install a standard 6.6kW solar system.

Now using the the Seraphim 370W panels, SolarBright can install a 6.66kW system with just 18 panels, saving 7.5m2 of roof space. For customers challenged with tight roof spaces the Seraphim 370W is the best choice.

The 370W panels are the same size as the older 300W panels and produce 12% more power.

For customers that want larger systems it means that SolarBright can maximise the power output from your available roof space by installing a system with the 370W panels.

Peace of Mind With Great Warranty

All solar panels come with two warranties – the performance warranty and the product warranty.

The performance warranty  covers the rated output of the panel after 25-years as all panel degrade over time, producing less power as they age.

The product warranty is the important one that covers the workmanship and materials for the panel itself.

The Seraphim warranty brings peace of mind combining a 25-years performance warranty with a 15-year product warranty on materials and workmanship. This is 5 years longer than most other T1 panel brands that only offer a 10-year product warranty.

You will see solar ads for other systems offering a 25-year warranty. When you read the fine print you will find that is just the performance warranty and the panels only have 10-year product warranty.

Better Shading Response

Another major benefit of this panel is a higher power yield over the life of the system due to improved shading response. The panel is split into 2 separate halves, effectively making it two panels in one. When one half of the panel is shaded, rather than reducing the output of the whole panel like most standard panels, the shade will only effect the output of that half.


Quick Specs

SERAPHIM 370W SRP-370-BMB Specifications


  • 370 Watt power output – over 12% higher than 300w panels
  • 15-year guarantee on product materials and workmanship – 5 years better than most panels
  • 25-year performance output warranty of 83.1%
  • Features 166 half-cut cells
  • Module efficiency of 19.8%
  • Lower risk of hot spot effect
  • Outstanding performance in low light situations
  • Enhanced nominal power with advanced half-cut cell technology and new layout design.
  • Higher yield due to better shading repsonse
  • Certified to resist 2400Pa wind load and 5400Pa mechanical load

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