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SolarEdge overcomes the limitations of standard solar systems to maximise power output and savings.

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    SolarEdge Smart Energy Solar Systems

    Overcome the Limitations of Standard String Inverters

    If you want to get the maximum performance from your solar system, produce more power, generate more savings, or if you have challenges with shading or a complex roof shape, then SolarEdge is your best choice.

    SolarEdge has revolutionised the way that solar systems produce power with the use of integrated power optimisers on the solar panels. The power optimisers combined with their award winning, smart inverters, overcome the limitations of traditional string inverters used on most solar systems.

    The new SolarEdge Genesis HD-Wave single phase inverter is the latest generation of the world’s Number 1 selling inverter to bring you the most affordable smart solar system.

    Why Choose a SolarEdge Smart Solar System?

    More Free Power from the Sun

    More Power Output = More Power Bill Savings

    The power optimisation technology from SolarEdge maximises the output from every optimised panel in the system. The optimisers overcome poor panel performance and power losses resulting from:

    In a standard solar system with a traditional string inverter, there are 2 strings of panels attached to the inverter and the panels on a string must face the same direction.

    The inverter sees the string of panels as single panel, and every panel in the string will only perform to the output of the weakest panel.

    Solaredge solar systems will produce up tp 20% more power than solar systems with standard string inverters.


    Better Performance in Shade Situations

    Testing carried out at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) show that SolarEdge systems outperform both Enphase and SMA inverter based systems in light, moderate, and heavy shading conditions.


    If your home has shade issues then choosing a SolarEdge based solar system will offer the best available performance.


    Future Proof Your Investment

    The extra power production from a SolarEdge solar system, besides generating extra savings immediately, will be available if you need more energy in the future for:

    • The addition of battery storage
    • Electric vehicle charging
    • Adding home automation.


    More Flexible Designs

    Traditional string inverters are limited to 2 strings of panels and the panels in a string must face the same direction. This limits design flexibility, especial with complex roof shapes.

    With SolarEdge optimisers and the Genesis HD-Wave Inverter the panels can face in different directions, and in many cases extra panels can be added for more production.


    Enhanced Safety with SolarEdge

    With SolarEdge inverters enhanced safety is in-built with industry leading features offering maximum protection.

    SafeDC: In the event of a grid power outage or if the inverter is off, the SafeDC feature automatically reduces the high voltage DC power from the panels to touch safe levels providing extra protection.

    Arc Fault Protection: will detect and eliminate any electric arc faults and shut down the inverter.

    Rapid Shutdown: this allows fast discharge of power so the voltage in the system is reduced to touch safe levels in 39 seconds.

    System Monitoring: The system monitoring will send automatic notifications on issues to SolarBright our customer, helping prevent any problems with the system.


    Full System Monitoring

    With the mySolarEdge app you can track the production and performance of the system and it provides free, real time visibility wherever you are. With the built in consumption meter in the Genesis inverter, you can also track the power consumption of your home.

    For peace of mind SolarBright will monitor your system to identify and notify you of any issues. The customers can see power production of their system and with an optional upgrade our customers can monitor down to the down to the individual panel.

    Access to the monitoring is through the app on  your phone or tablet or via the browser on your PC.



    Long Warranties for Peace of Mind

    SolarEdge products are designed and built for long lasting performance and are backed with warranties that are amongst the best in the industry.

    Most string inverters will came a 5-year parts and labour base warranty, with an extra 5-years parts only warranty added on, usually shown as – a 5+5-year warranty.

    The SolarEdge Genesis HD-Wave inverter comes with a 12-years parts and labour warranty as standard for your peace of mind – with options to extend to 20 or 25-years.


    • Solar panels – 15-year product and 25-year performance warranty
    • Solar optimisers – 25-year product warranty
    • Inverters – 12-year warranty with options to upgrade up to 20 or 25-years
    • Monitoring platform – 25-years free use


    A Complete Residential Solar Solution from SolarEdge

    SolarEdge offers a complete residential solar solution from the one vendor, with all components – the solar panels, power optimisers and inverters – designed to work together to deliver more power, more performance, and extra safety. For our customers this means more flexibility and a bigger yield from the system which equals greater savings.

    SolarEdge enable the complete smart solar home.

    SolarBright are a leading partner of SolarEdge and supply and install SolarEdge solar systems across Sydney and NSW. Since 2008 SolarBright has helped over 13,000 customers across NSW save thousands off  their power bills

    Contact SolarBright today for more information or a SolarEdge solar proposal.

    Free Consultation - 1300 852 622

    Please contact us today for more information or to organise a COVID safe consultation or proposal.

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      SolarEdge Smart Solar Components

      SolarEdge Smart Solar Panels


      The 370W smart panels feature the latest generation technology and feature:


      SolarEdge Power Optimisers


      The power optimiser is a smart electronic device that was invented by SolarEdge and is integrated onto the SolarEdge smart panels, The power optimisers maximise the output of each individual panel and minimise power output losses from shade, bird droppings or dirty panels.




      Solar Edge Inverters


      The inverter controls the system, efficiently converting the DC electricity produced by the panels into AC power for use in the home and sending any excess power back to the grid. SolarEdge offers two ranges of game changing inverters, The HD-Wave Genesis and the Energy Hub.

      HD- Wave Genesis Inverter


      Based on the SolarEdge HD-Wave, the worlds most installed inverter, the new Genesis HD-Wave single phase inverter is a cost-effective inverter that delivers the core SolarEdge technology, features and functionality. It is ready to connect the SolarEdge battery when it comes available later this year. The inverter has advanced safety feature including integrated arc fault protection. The standard 12-year warranty can be upgraded to 20 or 25-years and there is an optional upgrade to enable monitoring down to the individual panel level.

      Energy Hub


      Energy Hub is more than just an inverter – it is designed to meet the energy needs for the modern home. It enables the true solar smart home, and supports smart energy devices such as hot water heat pumps, electric vehicle charging, battery connection, and offers full system monitoring down to the panel level. The 12-year warranty can be upgraded to 25-years for the ultimate peace of mind.


      The SolarEdge Difference









      Why SolarBright?

      Since 2008 SolarBright has helped thousands of families with high quality solar systems at accessible prices to save thousands off their power bills.


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