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No Upfront Cost – Huge 6.6kw Solar System

Less Than $3 a Day – Limited Offer*

Can you afford $3 a day?

In these uncertain times it will pay to act now to secure your future. With everybody at home, family power usage will surge and so will your power bill.

SolarBright, powered by RateSetter, offers families the chance to protect them themselves from electric bill shock with this financed deal.

Approved customers* can secure a huge 6.6kW quality solar power system with no upfront costs for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day.

The system will pay for itself. It produces enough power to cover the cost of the coffee AND put another $4 per day in your pocket.

  • The Investment That Pays for Itself
  • Cash Flow Positive From Day 1
  • No Upfront Cost, Powered by RateSetter*
  • Payout Anytime You Like
  • Electric Bill Shock is Coming, Protect Your Family Today

clean energy approved

SolarBright gives you the peace of mind of dealing with a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer.

In an industry where hundreds of solar companies have come and gone, SolarBright stands strong. Since 2008 we have helped over 12,000 NSW families and businesses save thousands off their power bills.

You can do the same.

Max Power Solar 370W Panels

15-Year Product Warranty on the Panels

Solar System Details:

  • 18 x 370Watt Max Power Solar high quality Tier 1 manufactured panels with half cut cell technology
  • 15 Year product warranty on the panels – most other T1 panels have 10 years
  • 25 Year performance warranty on the panels
  • 5kW Max Power single phase solar panel inverter with 12 year warranty
  • 10 Year warranty on workmanship.

Contact SolarBright today for an obligation free Solar Proposal and get the peace of mind of dealing with a CEC Approved Solar Retailer, not an overseas call centre.

*This offer is for the Sydney metro area for a standard single story installation. STC’s to be assigned to Energy Saving Products P/L T/A SolarBright. Travel & delivery charges may apply outside these areas. Finance is subject to lender approval. Contact us today for more information on repayments and what you could save on your power bill.

The System Pays for Itself and Puts Money In Your Pocket

This system in a normal installation in NSW will produce on average, according CEC guidelines, 9,395 kilowatt hours (kWh) of power per year. At a typical power cost of $0.29 per kWh that is $2,724 worth of power!*

If you can use 70% of this power, it will save you nearly $159 per month. The other 30% you don’t use you can export to the grid and be paid up to $0.21 per kWh, generating another $49 per month – total monthly savings of $208.

After your cost of less than a coffee a day you could be saving $124 a month – putting a whopping $1,488 per year in your pocket – that’s 372 coffees at $4 each.

After 5 years you will be saving nearly $2,500 per year for the life of the system.

Can you afford NOT to go solar for less than a coffee a day?

*These figures are based on the the system producing 3.9kWh each day per 1kW of system size (as per CEC guidelines), the household consuming 70% of the power generated with a power cost of 29c/kWh and feeding the balance back to the grid with a feed in tariff of 21c/kWh. Individual situations will vary.

Why SolarBright?

An investment in a quality solar system and solar panels is a home improvement that will pay for itself and continue to save you money for many years to come.

SolarBright has helped thousands of families with high quality solar systems at accessible prices to save thousands off their power bills.

  • Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer
  • Over 12,000 Installs since 2008
  • One of the Largest Installers in NSW
  • Obligation Free Consultation
  • Solar and Battery Experts

See our customer Jurgen talk about SolarBright in the video.

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