Massive Package 7.7kW Solar & 16kWh Battery Just $17,100* or $168/Mth*

Help Secure Your Energy Independence with this Special Offer

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Energy Independence Special Offer

Massive Solar and Battery Package Just $17,100* or $168/Mth*

Help Secure Your Energy Future


Help gain energy independence and get blackout protection for your home by investing in this high quality solar and  battery package from SolarBright.

Use the excess power produced during the day by the solar system to charge the battery. The battery will help power your home at night to avoid expensive peak power charges from your electricity provider.

SolarBright takes pride in offering our customers the best solar technology at accessible prices. Our Energy Independence Package features a powerful 7.7kW solar system coupled with the huge 16kWh Sungrow battery for just $17,100.


Protect Your Home from Power Outages

A standard solar system and most solar systems with batteries cannot provide backup power to your home in a power outage. The SolarBright Energy Independence Package with the Sungrow SBR160 battery provides the backup power and protection you need for your home.

Any power grid outage is detected automatically. With a 10 millisecond switch over time from the power grid to the battery backup power there is no interruption to home power.

Comprehensive Warranties

This massive package will give you years of trouble free service and is backed with comprehensive  warranties for peace of mind.

  • 25-year Australian performance warranty on the panels
  • 15-year Australian product warranty on the panels – many others offer 10 years only
  • 12-year inverter warranty
  • 10-year battery warranty
  • 10-year warranty on workmanship from SolarBright.


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SolarBright is one of the largest solar retailers in NSW. Get peace of mind from dealing with a CEC Approved Solar Retailer and a Sungrow Authorised Partner.

We are a 100% Australian owned family business. Since 2008 we have helped over 13,000 families and businesses save thousands off their power bills.

*This offer is for the Sydney Metro area for a standard single story installation. Travel & delivery charges may apply outside this area. STC’s to be assigned to SolarBright.

$168 p/m plan is based on 84 months Brite Green Loan at 7.99% fixed interest for approved customers & $6,900 cash payment by the customer.

Free Consultation - 1300 852 622

Please contact us today for more information or to organise a COVID safe consultation or proposal.

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Energy Independence Package System Details

Sungrow SBR160 16kWh Battery


The Sungrow SBR160 is a compact, modular lithium iron phosphate battery. The SBR160 contains 5 x 3.2kW battery modules and is expandable to 8 modules for a total capacity of 25.6kWh.

A Sungrow battery installation can expand up to four 25.6kWh units (total 101.6kWh) with the additional junction box. (Of course, a correctly sized solar system and Sungrow hybrid inverter would be needed to support this configuration.)

Battery Specs


Max Power MPS-370M60 370W Panel


Max Powewr panels installed on a roof

The MPS-370M60 is a powerful new generation, high-tech, high quality panel from Australian Solar company Max Power Solar. SolarBright chose the Max Power Solar panel as our main Tier-1 manufactured panel.

The key features of the Max Power Solar panel make it an ideal choice for Australian conditions:


Sungrow 6.0kW SH6.0RS Hybrid Inverter


Sugrow are one of the largest inverter manufacturers in the world.  This 6.0kW residential hybrid inverter partners perfectly with the SBR160 inverter. In the event of power outage there is a seamless transition to backup mode to allow the battery to provide power to your home.

The inverter has Wi-FI capability to connect to the Sungrow iSolar web and app platform for monitoring.


iSolarCloud Monitoring


The iSolar platform allows for the monitoring and management of the complete system.

It is available through an app on your phone or via a web browser.

It allows you to monitor system power production, and the information is refreshed at 10 minute intervals.

You can see how much charge is in the battery and monitor battery usage. Installation of an optional energy meter will also allow you see how much power is being drawn for the grid.

The platform can also send alerts in the event of an issue with the solar system.


Why SolarBright?

SolarBright has helped thousands of families and businesses across NSW with high quality solar systems and solar batteries at accessible prices to save thousands off their power bills.

Our experienced Energy Consultants make going solar easy for you with straight forward advice. Book an obligation free energy independence consultation.

Watch the video to see our solar capabilities for both residential and commercial solar.


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