Solar Powered Room Ventilation

A clever combination of our Solar Powered Roof Vent and a room vent kit, provides you with a solar powered room ventilation solution!

Ventilation solutions aren’t just limited to your roof; and with our innovative combination of a solar powered roof vent and a room vent kit, we provide you with a convenient, affordable solar powered room ventilation system. Made of high quality materials, this durable option will keep performing for a long time, and once you’ve bought it the running costs are completely free!

Roof Breeze Solar Powered Room Ventilation

A solar power ventilation system can also be installed to any room. It consists of a ceiling vent ducted out to a 10 watt solar powered fan located on the roof with roof flashing to suit roof type. The fan will operate to ventilate the room when the Sun shines on the solar panel. This unit is ideal to ventilate any Garage or bathrooms.

Features Include:

  • High impact adjustable 10 watt solar panel
  • Seamless, commercial pure grade aluminium powder-coated housing
  • 5-wind precision balanced fan blade – non-corrosive aluminium.
  • Stainless steel protective animal screen.
  • Fan Motor: 38.2 VDC brush style motor, formulated with soundless ventilation.
  • Leak proofed and easy to install flashing designed to suite all type of roofs.
  • Free to run, powered by the Sun.
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