Ventilation System to Existing Fan

Ventilation solutions to an Existing fan, that won’t cost the earth.

If you’ve already got an exhaust fan in your bathroom, for extracting the moist air, then you might consider adding our ventilation systems, which can improve the performance of your existing fan. Our solutions are quick, easy, and won’t cost the earth either. We’re sure you’ll agree once you’ve seen their results for yourself!

Ventilation For Existing Exhaust Fan

You might think that if you have an existing exhaust fan in your bathroom, then you don’t have to worry about any additional ventilation solutions. If you value the condition of your roof, though, then you should consider complementing your current product with our additional ventilation systems. This is because most exhaust fans simply extract moist air directly into the roof space, rather than outside the roof externally. This will cause damage to your roof over time.

A passive ventilation system can be retrofitted and installed over an existing fan inside the roof cavity. It is then ducted out the roof externally to a passive vent cap and appropriate roof flashing to suit the roof type.

Supply Only (DIY) Prices

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