Skylights Melbourne

Solar Bright has Melbourne’s Skylights ready

Amid recent research showing the health benefits of exposure to natural sunlight, many Melbourne residents have begun to explore the possibility of adding a skylight to their homes. And if there are any spaces or rooms in your house lacking in this gift, you are in luck. Solar Bright offers a huge range of illumination options, providing you with inexpensive and efficient lighting for your home.

Through innovative designs and brilliant engineering, our skylights and solar tubes are able to capture and redirect the sun’s light in to our homes, or commercial spaces, throughout the variable weather conditions prevalent in Melbourne. Even in low light, the domes of Solar Bright’s skylights capture any available light, send it through reflective tubes, and diffuse it wherever it is required. The diffusers have the added benefit of filtering harmful UV rays, before they enter your living space.

This reflective quality offers a further advantage: the light can be bent or twisted through the ultra-reflective tubes of Solar Bright’s skylights and solar tubes, so the sun can be accessed from areas which aren’t directly exposed.

Solar Bright’s skylights in Melbourne: it’s time to step in to the light! Contact us today.

Melbourne is the state capital of Victoria. Known as a sport and cultural hub, and featuring many differing and unique suburbs, the city is known for the distinctive bowl of the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and also played host to the Olympic Games in 1956.

Call Solar Bright on 1300 852 622 today to light up your world.

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