Skylights Surry Hills

We all love and need pure natural light, but sometimes our indoor spaces don’t offer enough or are awkwardly positioned so that they miss the sun’s trajectory. If any space in your house or property is lacking a natural light source, Solar Bright has a fantastic range of Skylights in Surry Hills and beyond that provide clean and energy efficient illumination.

Combining design innovation with the latest solar technology, our skylights in Surry Hills harness the light and energy of the Australian sun, directing it into homes and commercial spaces throughout the day.

External domes capture available light, even in low-light conditions. The light travels through highly reflective yet durable tubes, ensuring it retains its brightness, before being spread evenly inside by diffusers that also block any harmful UV rays.

Because of the reflective qualities of the aluminium tubing in Solar Bright skylights, the space you need to brighten needn’t be directly below
where the sun strikes and can be dropped up to 10m. Unlike some brands, all Solar Bright skylights in Surry Hills are moulded and without seams, so they will never leak.

Solar Bright supplies a variety of skylights to Surry Hills houses and properties that suit any size space or budget. What remains consistent are our high quality products, great value for money and warranties that last between 7 and 15 years.

Surry Hills, NSW 2010, is an inner suburb in the city of Sydney that borders Darlinghurst, Haymarket and Paddington. Named after Surrey Hills in England, the suburb is part of the City of Sydney federal electorate and is well know for its Victorian era architecture. Heritage listed buildings include Durham Hall and the former police station designed by Walter Liberty Vernon.

Call Solar Bright on 1300 852 622 today to find out how we can light up your world.

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