18kW LG Premium Solar System

54 LG 350W panels power this solar system featuring two Tesla Powerwalls, an SMA 20kW Inverter and use of Tigo optimisers.

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Residential Solar 18kW LG Solar System with Tesla Powerwall Batteries

Premium Solar System with Leading Technology

With a large three level home, swimming pool, two teenagers, and the need to run air conditioning to cool the home in summer, our customer faced large power bills, sometimes using up to 150kWh per day. After SolarBright installed an LG system on his neighbours house he was referred to SolarBright.

In order to minimise the large outgoings on the power bills, our brief was to maximise energy production from the available roof space and to leave enough walk room and access so the gutters could be cleaned when needed. This meant using the residential solar panel that gives the best output per square meter roof space – the LG NeON® 2 solar panel.

Our customer was looking to achieve as much energy independence as possible and wanted energy storage as well.

To meet these requirements for this premium residential solar project SolarBright designed and installed a solution that showcases industry leading products: LG 350W NeON® solar panels with an SMA Sunny Tri-Power Inverter, and two Tesla Powerwall batteries for energy security.

In order to overcome some potential shading issues and variances in roof directions and pitch , SolarBright also installed Tigo optimisers on some of the panels

As well as being an Authorised LG Platinum Partner and SMA PowerUp Partner, SolarBright is a Certified Powerwall Installer so has the experience and credentials to deliver a project like this.

Project Details

LG Solar Panels

In order to maximise the power output from the roof space, SolarBright designed the solar system with panels that have one of the highest output per square metre – the LG NeON® 2 350 Watt solar panel.

The roof presented challenges with differing pitches, skylights, air-con units and a large pool heating system. Despite this, the SolarBright design with 54 LG 350W panels  is estimated by our solar system mapping software to produce around 29,700kWh per year with potential savings of $7,550 per year.

SolarBright added Tigo optimisers on selected panels to overcome the challenges of potential shading issues and variances in roof pitch and direction.

Tigo Optimiser:

And our customer has the peace of mind  that comes from SolarBright installing the LG panels that have both a 25-year product warranty and 25-year performance warranty as well superior performance.

SMA Tripower Inverter

SolarBright selected an SMA inverter for the solution – one of the best inverter brands on the market. SMA inverters are responsible for producing 35% of all solar electricity generated in Australia.

The SMA Sunny Tripower 20000TL installed  is a three phase 20kW inverter which delivers very high power yields due the high 98.4% efficiency and gives peace of mind a with a 5 + 5 year warranty.

The SMA Smart Connected inverter management platform provides automatic inverter monitoring. If there is ever a problem with the inverter SMA will alert the customer and SolarBright.

Tesla Powerwalls

In order to help meet the demand for power at night in the household, the SolarBright design called for the installation of two Tesla Powerwall 2 solar batteries each with a large capacity of 13.5kWh.

The Powerwalls are floor mounted one in front of the other.

The Powerwalls come with the Tesla app which allow the customer to take control of their energy independence and allow monitoring of energy production and consumption in real time to see how the Powerwalls are interacting with the home.

take control

The app allows the Powerwalls usage to be customised to meet specific needs.


With it being a large house over 3 levels there were large cable runs to manage. The SolarBright installation team exhibited quality workmanship with very neat and tidy cable runs and isolation switch wiring and work – all backed with our 10-year workmanship warranty.

This premium solar solution highlights SolarBrights’ experience and excellence in designing and installing solar systems using the best technology available: high performing LG NeON®2 solar panels, a highly efficient SMA Tripower inverter, and high capacity Tesla Powerwall 2 batteries.


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  • I would highly recommend Jordy and the team at SolarBright for all your solar needs. With being local to us and having great reviews online we felt very comfortable with choosing this company to install our panels. they have been amazing to deal with from the very start of the process all the way to months after helping us with dealing with the energy companies to make sure we where happy with our plan and where getting the best deal. We really appreciated the help, thanks Brett H

    Brian HarradinePort Macquarie

  • Extremely happy with SolarBright product and service. The installation process was easy and completed in one day. They were very responsive and knowledgeable and everything went very smoothly I was very satisfied with them, dealing with Paul and Thomas I liked their professionalism and the knowledge they had about the product. Overall Highly recommended.

    Helen - Jan 2020

  • Excellent Product with Excellent Service! Solar Bright team provided excellent service where we only needed to sign off the contract and everything was done by them afterward. The installation was done within less than half a day and we just have to call up our energy provider for a smart meter installation to enjoy the solar energy with less $ in our bill!

    Leanne - Jan 2020

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