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172 LG 350W NeON 2 solar panels power this solar system featuring SMA Tripower Inverters

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60kW LG Solar System on 9 Storey Residential Apartments

Moore Park Gardens LG Solar Project

Project Overview

Moore Park Gardens is a prestigious residential apartment complex situated on the 2.6 hectare site of the historic Resch’s Waverly Brewery in Sydney, opposite Moore Park. It incorporates sensitive restoration and redevelopment of the remaining heritage buildings and integrated newer apartment blocks.

The strata committee of The Bowers and Argyle buildings, then headed by David Wilson, wanted to make their own contribution to sustainability by reducing emissions by installing solar panels, as well as making a significant impact on the electrical costs of powering the common areas.

The video details SolarBrights installation of the two 30kW LG Solar Systems at Moore Park Gardens.

SolarBright was approached by the committee to design an appropriate solar system to meet these goals. As an LG Authorised Solar Platinum Partner and SMA Powerup Partner, we turned to the best solar technology: LG NeON 2 solar panels and SMA inverters, offering a system that would deliver maximum output per square meter with the LG panels. The highly efficient SMA inverters would maximise power yield from the system and allow comprehensive monitoring and management with the SMA Connect app.

Thee committee solicited proposals from several solar companies. The project presented unique challenges due to the nature of the site. As a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer having delivered over 12,000 residential and commercial projects since 2008, SolarBright was up to this challenge and selected by the strata committee to install the 30kW LG solar systems on each of the Argyle and Bowers buildings.

David Wilson says, “SolarBright were the best one to deal with of all. The management have been terrific right from the start. We had meetings on site working through alternatives down to the final specifications.”




Regarding the installation he says, “It’s been done very professionally like the whole operation we have seen from SolarBright…they’ve been terrific.”

Project Challenges

This project presented  challenges. Each apartment block was nine stories tall. Due to the nature of the access road with it being brick paved and with the carpark on either side of the road being lined with trees, this meant that a crane could not be used to lift the panels and mounting rails to the roof.

The SolarBright team had to man handle all of the kit into position. The mounting rails were lifted up vertically through the stairwells. The 86 350Watt LG NeON®2 panels for each building (total 172) had to be taken by lift to the ninth floor and then carried up 2 flights of stairs into the roof cavity and positioned ready for installation.

The buildings are 100m apart but had a single NMI with the electrical board located in the Argyle building on the western end of the site, necessitating long cable runs through the underground carpark. Connecting the systems into building electrical system was also complex.

Project Details

350Watt LG NeON®Solar Panels


SolarBright recommended to the strata committee to install each 30kW system with LG NeON® 2 350 Watt solar panels.

The major reasons why the LG panels were specified and chosen for the project are:

  • The LG NeON® 2  panels have one the highest outputs per square metre which maximises power generation from the available roof space compared to competitor panels, and make the highest contribution to sustainability and have the biggest effect in reducing the cost of powering the common areas
  • The strata committee and building management have the peace of mind that comes with installing solar panels that are covered with the outstanding LG solar panels product warranty of 25-years backed by the largest consumer brand in the solar industry.
  • The LG NeON® 2 performance warranty is one of the best. The panels are warranted to still output 90.8% of their rated power after 25-years – compared to 80.2% for many standard panels

The SolarBright design with 172 LG 350W panels is estimated to produce around 85,700kWh of electricity per year with potential savings of over $24,000 per year.

For the customer sustainability is crucial and the greenhouse gas emissions reduction from the systems is over 60 tonnes per year.

SMA Inverters

As an SMA Powerup partner, SolarBright specified SMA Sunny Tripower inverters for the solution. SMA are the leader in the Australian market, with SMA inverters producing over 35% of all solar energy in the country.

Each 30kW system required a 25kW  and a 5kW SMA inverter.

The major reasons that the SMA inverters were recommended by SolarBright and chosen by the customer are:

  • The high efficiency of 98.2% of the inverters ensures maximum yield from each solar system, maximising the sustainability aspect of the project and the impact on the power costs of powering the common areas.
  • The powerful SMA Connect inverter management application delivers ease of management and monitoring of the inverters and system power production.
  • European engineering and the use of robust components ensure reliability and longer project life spans.
  • Peace of mind with a 5+5 year warranty.

Electrical Wiring


Wiring the solar systems into the building electrical system was a complex job, requiring the design and installation of bespoke electrical switching and wiring, including grid protection relay controls.

Wiring had to be run back from The Bowers building to the Argyle building where the main electrical switchboard for the buildings is located.

The SolarBright installation team exhibited highly skilled and quality workmanship with the complex wiring and switching required – all backed with SolarBright’s 10-year workmanship warranty.


The installation, testing and commissioning of this system occurred over 2 weeks.

This  challenging solar installation highlights SolarBrights’ experience and excellence in designing and installing large and complex residential and commercial solar projects using the best technology available: high performing LG NeON®2 solar panels, and highly efficient SMA Tripower inverters.

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  • After much shopping around and alot of research I commited to getting solar with SolarBright. This was the best decision i made. The team was professional, the install was perfect and quick and the system perform better than promised. I would highly recommend SolarBright to all. In fact all my family is getting solar with them as well.

    Chris T - Dec 2019Cabramatta

  • Jordy was brilliant from go to whoa. He really knows his products and didn't pressure us into the priciest option. We were always confident that he was putting our needs before his commission. The installation team was very professional and did a more than tidy job, and Jordy's excellent customer service did not evaporate as can so often be the case with less scrupulous operators. He came by post-installation to run us through the ins and outs of the system and its various user interface and explain ways to get the best possible deal out of energy providers. Thank you, Jordy!!

    Brent & Kate

  • Great Experience from start to finish! It was pleasure dealing with Solar Bright from the time of quoting to the finished product. Delivered everything they said they would. Installers were professional, job neat, clean and finished on time. We would definitely recommend anyone who needs solar panels installed!

    Ron & Lillian Dec 2019Sydney

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