Coffs and North Coast Special 6.66kW Solar With Aussie Warranty Just $3999 After $500 Rebate

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Special 6.6kW Solar System Offer for Coffs Harbour and North Coast

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Huge 6.6kW Solar System Just $3999* after $500 Rebate Voucher

Take advantage of this strictly limited special offer for Coffs Harbour and the North Coast from SolarBright on this Max Power Solar System. The  powerful 370 Watt solar panels are backed with an Australian 15-Year  product warranty and 25-Year performance warranty.

Chat to our local Coffs and North Coast rep Rob on 0429 536 077  for an obligation free solar assessment and proposal and see how soon the system will pay for itself on your home.



Max Power is an Australian owned solar brand and the Max Power 6.66kW system is Australia’s first all dark, integrated system. All of the key components – the 370W solar panels, the 5kW inverter, and the black mounting system – are from the one Aussie solar company, all backed with Aussie warranties.



6.6kW Solar System Details*

  • All dark system for outstanding looks with black framed panels, black mounting system and dark inverter
  • 18 x 370 Watt Max Power Solar powerful, high quality Tier 1 Panels with latest technology
  • 5kW Max solar power inverter featured the latest technology and built in safety devices
  • 25-Year Australian performance warranty on the panels
  • 15-Year Australian product warranty on the panels – most competitors only offer 10 years
  • 12- Year Australian product warranty on inverter
  • 15- Year Australian warranty on the Max Power Solar roof mounting system – most other brands offer only 10-years
  • 10 Year warranty on workmanship from SolarBright.
  • Wi-Fi connection for solar performance monitoring

Contact SolarBright Today and Claim Your $500 Rebate Voucher*

SolarBright is a family owned Aussie business. Over the last 12 years we have helped thousands of families and businesses across NSW save thousands off their power bills and now offer Max Power Solar systems backed with Australian warranty for peace of mind.

Contact SolarBright today for an obligation free solar assessment with our local Coffs rep and get the peace of mind of dealing with an Approved Solar Retailer offering solar with Australian warranties.

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Please contact us for more information or to organise a COVID safe obligation free in-home consultation, on-line or phone consultation on a solar panel installation, solar battery, solar inverter, skylights or solar roof ventilation. We are not a call centre so we will not barrage you with calls and emails.

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The Max Power System

Max Power Solar MPS-370M60 High Quality Panel

The powerful Max Power Solar Panel produces a massive 370W output from a panel that has a similar physical footprint as less powerful 330w panels. With the latest Half-cell PERC technology, the panels have an efficiency of over 20%, improved low light performance and are backed with all Australian warranties.

The stylish black frames and dark cells make the panel perfectly compliment contemporary Australian home design and the panel  is backed with Australian warranty.

Download Max Power 370W Solar Panel Brochure

Max Power Solar MPS5000 Inverter

Download Max Power MPS5000 Inverter Brochure

The 5kW Max Power Solar inverter boasts a sleek, dark design, and has been developed and manufactured with performance and longevity in mind for harsh Australian conditions, backed for peace of mind with  a 12-year Australian warranty. Safety is another great feature and the inverter has 10 separate safety mechanisms built in. The inverter has Wi-Fi connectivity.

Max Power Solar Smart Monitoring

The cloud based Max Power Solar Smart Monitoring allows customers to monitor the energy production of the Max Power Solar System. You can access the system via the internet on a PC or via a phone or tablet based app, as well as receive any alerts or alarms.

*Limited time only whilst stocks last – One voucher per Customer – Vouchers and quotes must be accepted by customers within 2 days from the date of issue – Re-approval is required for vouchers and quotes accepted after 2 days – Vouchers not redeemable for cash.

This offer is for the Coffs area for a standard single story installation. STC’s to be assigned to Energy Saving Products P/L T/A SolarBright. Travel & delivery charges may apply outside Coffs area. 


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