Eoin Ocaoimh

After a lot of vague phone enquiries to other companies, in May 2017 Solar Bright's guy gave me an over the phone, clear, no-strings quotation on an upgrade to my 5-year-old 3.5kW roof top solar system. I wanted to go to a 6 kW system and install a Tesla 2 - 14 kW battery to get virtually "off-grid" for my ever increasing power bills (my consumption is going down but my bills keep going up!). I rang "J" in Solar Bright ten days ago. He came to my home the next day. His May 2017 quote was correct, still valid and by far the cheapest I had found since May 2017. He said they had the Tesla 2 battery in stock. They could do the job within two weeks. They sent a very knowledgable electrician and two support installers. They integrated my existing 14 panels with ten new ones, fitted the Tesla 2 battery, got me online with the Tesla people and my metre hasn't moved since 1:30 pm yesterday when they switched it on. Polite, courteous, on-time, no hidden strings or catches! They did exactly what they said they could for the agreed price. If there was a six star option I would click it.
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