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To Whirlybird Or Not To Whirlybird

To Whirlybird Or Not To Whirlybird

For those considering roof ventilation, there are a myriad of options. One of the most common can often be seen twirling on rooftops throughout Australia. Whirlybirds, as they are commonly known, are ubiquitous in Sydney, and while they have limitations, they also have many benefits. We’ll take you through the how, the what and the why of whirlybirds to help you decide what style of roof vent will best suit your property.


What Are Whirlybirds?

The whirlybird, or turbine vent, is a semi mechanical ventilation system that utilises wind to cool our houses. They have a distinctive bulb shaped appearance with fins on the external surface which allow the unit to spin in the wind. This, in turn, creates a vacuum that forces warmer air from roof cavities, effectively cooling your house.


How Effective Are Whirlybirds?

There are two broad categories of Whirlybirds. Active whirlybirds are driven mechanically and spin constantly, while passive units rely on the wind to propel them. As they are dependent on the elements, passive whirlybirds have greater operational limitations. The other significant factor determining efficiency is the diameter of the dome. The larger the diameter, the greater the volume of air that can be removed from your house.


Who Benefits Most From A Whirlybird?

Whirlybirds in Sydney are more effective in some situations than others. Because of their somewhat limited output, they often achieve the best results in smaller homes or apartments. Alternatively, they can also be combined with other ventilation systems to increase efficiency and reduce running costs. The other great advantages of whirlybird installation are the convenience and affordability. These types of vents are cheap, have little to no running costs and are easy to fit.


Those seeking reliable, efficient and effective cooling for a large property may be better served using mechanical or solar roof ventilation. Others on a budget, or with a small area to cool, may find that a whirlybird serves their purposes well. To organise whirlybird installation, discuss your options or make any other roof ventilation inquiry, get in touch with the team at Solar Bright today.

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