sonnenBattery Evo 10kW Home Solar Battery

The AC coupled sonnenBattery EVO is an economical 10kWh solar home battery. It is a good choice for homeowners with an existing solar system.

German designed and engineered, the compact sonnen EVO solar battery is an innovative home storage system. It will store excess power produced by the solar system to power your home at night. It will also provide emergency backup power for the home in the event of blackout.

The battery is rated to an outdoor rating of IP56 and meets the Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS5139 for indoor and outdoor installations.

The sonnenBattery Evo has a total (or nominal) capacity of 11 kilowatt-hours (kWh) with a maximum depth of discharge of 91%. This is to prevent capacity loss over the life of the battery giving it a usable storage capacity of  10kWh and sonnen say it will maintain at least 80% of its original capacity through its warranty period.

The battery has a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO) chemistry.

German based sonnen were established in 2010 and have supplied over 50,000 batteries worldwide and are currently in their 10th generation of battery technology.


sonnenBattery Evo Key Features

Add to Existing Solar

Being an AC coupled battery it is straight-forward to add the sonnen Evo to an existing solar system.

Emergency Back Up Power

Gain energy security. The Evo battery provides emergency backup power during a grid outage and supports black start from the panels.

Comprehensive Warranty

Get peace of mind with the sonnenBattery Evo 10-year/10,000 cycle comprehensive warranty backed with local service and support in Australia.

German Designed & Engineered

sonnen are leaders in battery design and manufacture with over 50,000 batteries installed world-wide.

Intelligent Management

The battery has a proprietary smart battery management system and sonnenInverter developed to support Virtual Power Plants.


IP56 protection rating. The battery meets AS/NZS5139 standard for indoor / outdoor installations.

Nominal/Usable Capacity


Max Charge / Discharge Current (continuous) / Max Power

40A / 5kW

Operating Ambient Temperature Range

-5⁰C to 45⁰C

Installation Location

Indoor / Outdoor

Degree of Protection


Mounting Method

Floor Stand (Plinth)

Cooling Method

Natural Convection

Noise Emission

< 64 dB

Dimensions (W x H x D) 

710mm x 1400mm x 427mm

Weight (Kg)

163.5kg (Cabinet 74kg, Battery Module (each) 40kg, Plinth 9.5kg)


10-Years / 10,000 Cycles

Energy Security

Blackout Protection and Black Start

For many homeowner security of energy supply is an increasing concern.

The sonnen Evo has a built-in backup capability and can provide emergency power for the home in the case of a grid outage. The switch over to back up power occurs automatically, however there will be a small delay of under a second.

In back up mode the sonnen Evo battery can supply 5kW of continuous power during a black out. The battery is single phase so will only supply emergency power to the phase of the home it is connected to.

The battery has black start capability. During an extended blackout if the battery goes flat, this means you you can start charging the battery from the solar panels during the day when they are producing enough power.

To support black start the solar inverter on the solar array must be on the back up phase and be of 6kW or smaller capacity.

sonnenbattery evo components

sonnen Evo

Battery Components

The well engineered cabinet from sonnen provides a water and dust proof environment for the battery, The cabinet houses the following battery components:

Power Unit: This contains the sonnen inverter and the battery control unit.

Battery Module:  The two modules store the energy from the panels and have a nominal capacity of 5,5kWh each.

Base or Plinth: Contains the air filter for the cabinet.

Adjustable Legs: These provide elevation and compensation for uneven grounds.

Power Button: For switching the battery system on and off.

LED Indicator: Indication of the state of operation (system status).

Black Start Button: Switches the storage system on during backup mode.

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