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SolarBright is a 100% Australian owned family business supplying a range of world class energy saving products. We have helped thousands of families and businesses save thousands of dollars off their power bills.

We are solar panel installation and solar battery experts, providing high quality solar panel systems for residential and commercial solar customers who want to save money by using solar energy. We bring the best solar system technology including Solar Edge invertersTesla PowerWall batteries, and premium Max Power Solar panels to market at the best possible prices for our customers.

SolarBright is also Australia’s leading manufacturer of tubular skylights. Our energy rated MaxLight skylight range brighten homes and rooms with natural light.

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Energy Saving Solutions

Browse our range of energy saving products below. SolarBright installs solar systems and batteries across Sydney and NSW. Our MaxLight energy rated skylights and MaxBreeze solar roof ventilators are available directly from SolarBright or from our distributors across Australia and New Zealand.

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Industry Awards 2023

Leading Solar Company in Sydney

SolarBright Awards 2023

SolarBright’s commitment to excellent service delivery and providing high quality solar and battery solutions continues to earn more awards.

In January 2024 Solar Nerds recognised SolarBright as one of top 5 solar companies in NSW with a Top 5 NSW Solar Retailer Award.

This followed in the heels of our prestigious Top Brand PV (Solar) Installer 2023 award from EUPD Research in October 2023. This award recognises our outstanding solar industry leadership.

EUPD Research is an international market research and consulting firm with a special focus on renewable energies. To receive an EUPD Research award is a significant achievement.

These awards follow after being ranked as the 2022 Top Solar Installer in Sydney.

When you choose SolarBright you get the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a solar industry leader.

Leading Skylight Manufacturer

MaxLight Skylights

SolarBright is Australia’s Leading Manufacturer of Tubular Skylights.

Our MaxLight skylights have brightened thousands of homes, businesses and organisations across Australia.

MaxLight skylights are energy rated, letting in pure light and keeping out the heat.

They are backed with an industry best 2o-year warranty. With three sizes in the range they suit both residential and commercial applications.

If you have a room or area in your home or organisation that you need to brighten with natural light, our MaxLight is the perfect solution.

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Solar Pays For Itself

Why Install Solar?

An investment in a solar panel installation or a solar system battery is one of the few purchases you can make that will pay for itself.

A solar system can add value to your home, is great for the environment and even better for your bank balance.

A typical 6.63kW SolarBright solar panel installation in Sydney or regional NSW can:

  • Produce over 9,300kWh of renewable energy per year
  • Pay for itself in under 2 years
  • Save you over $15,000 in 10 years
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by over 10 tonnes per year!

Does solar pay for itself? YES!

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SolarBright head office, showroom, factory and solar warehouse facility

Choose Your Solar Provider Wisely

Why SolarBright

As a Top 5 NSW installer (2023) with over 16,000 installations since 2008, SolarBright has a track record you can trust.

We have helped thousands of families and businesses in Sydney and across NSW saves thousands off their power bills with solar panel installations, solar battery solutions, skylights and solar powered roof ventilators.

As an authorised dealer and installer for Tesla PowerwallSolar Edge, premium Max Power Solar Panels and other leading brands, SolarBright is equipped to supply and professionally deliver any sized project on time.

Our Clean Energy Council Accredited teams do solar installations in Sydney, Wollongong, Central Coast, Newcastle, The Hunter, Tamworth, Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour.

We have real local people – our consultants – on the ground  help you choose the right solar system, solar battery, MaxLight skylight or MaxBreeze solar ventilation fan to save you money.

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