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Brighten up your home naturally, for less than you think, with our range of stylish, affordable Skylights

Reduce your energy bills today, with our range of world class European Solar Panels & Solar Inverters.

Looking for an affordable yet energy efficient Hot Water system? Our ranges have something for everyone.

Our range of ventilation systems are a simple, yet sensible solution to healthy and comfortable environment inside.

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Outstanding Service

We pride ourselves on offering homeowners a service standard that is second to none. From the first time we speak, to after your skylight is installed, we aim to delight.

Available Nationwide

Our national network of approved distributors, ensures all of our ranges are available to you no matter where you are located in Australia

Great Value For Money

Offering you Australia’s most affordable energy efficient products. Built with world-class engineering & components, whichever product you choose, you will not be disappointed. These products, at our price? Unbeatable!

Industry Leading Warranties

Regardless of which product you buy, you will benefit from the Industries best product warranties. So you have complete peace of mind for many, many years to come.

Energy Rated

Our MaxLight Skylight Series has been energy tested and has exceeded the Energy Star criteria therefore the Maxlight can brighten up your space without gaining or losing heat, unlike other skylights on the market.

Customised To Your Home

We will only recommend the products that are right for you, your home & your budget. So we will find a solution that is perfect for you, no matter what your needs.

Transform Your Home And Start Living

Our Energy Experts are here not only to help save you money on your energy bills, but to help you transform your home into a more enjoyable, usable space to get the most out of your home, for you & your family.

What We're Talking About

If you have decided to join the thousands of other Australians who are taking advantage of the long-term financial and environmental benefits of solar power systems, your next step is deciding just what size will work best for your needs. The size you choose will vary greatly between individual households ...
Whether intention is to offset your current energy usage and reduce your future energy bills our Solar Bright Team works with you to develop commercial solar power systems that recognises your energy usage and optimize ...
Investing in a Solar Power System a long term decision, so, of course, it's a decision you want to be certain to choose the right Solar Panels for you, in order to achieve maximum payback as soon as possible. Selecting the best solar panels for your system, is of paramount importance, ...

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