Roof Ventilation Sydney

MaxBreeze solar powered roof ventilations fans from SolarBright are the smart way to protect your home. During the day they extract  the hot air from the roof cavity to cool your home and help lower air-con costs and moisture build-up.

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MaxBreeze Solar Powered Roof Ventilation

Solar Powered Roof Fans are a smart and environmentally sensible solution that protect your home, your roof, and save you money by helping cool your home in summer.

Aura Mechanical Roof Ventilation

This electrically powered, mechanical roof fan is a great way to provide maximum air flow and extend the life of your roof.

Roof Air Ventilator – Passive (from $110)

This passive roof air ventilator is a simple and affordable affordable way to ventilate roof space without any running costs. It is perfect for cathedral ceiling, attics, tiny houses and sheds.

Whirlybird Roof Ventilation

The majority of all households have some form of heat trapped in their roof, and when the weather heats up especially, this can make things overly warm and uncomfortable.

Roof Ventilation

Australia is well known for its extreme weather. Our summers are brutally hot and many areas experience lengthy wet seasons or extended periods of heavy rainfall. As a result of these meteorological conditions, our homes are often uncomfortably hot or damp. The most efficient and cost effective solution to these problems is the Solar Bright range of roof ventilation systems available in Sydney.

Our range of roof vents, ventilation fans and more helps to minimise the damaging effects of heat and moisture in your roof, making your home comfortable all year long. We supply solar roof ventilation, whirlybirds and mechanical ventilation systems of various designs to ensure we have the ideal solution for your house.


What Happens In Houses Without Roof Ventilation Systems

Everyday activities, such as cooking, laundry and showering creates moisture that rises into roof spaces.

In the harsh Australian environment, radiant heat can penetrate into our houses through rooftops, radiating into living spaces and causing temperatures to rise.
When moisture and heat combine, they can cause significant damage to the roof deck, trusses, shingles, rafters and painted surfaces.

During winter, attic spaces accumulate excess moisture resulting in mildew, mould and wood rot.


How Does Roof Ventilation Solve These Issues?

Effective roof ventilation will cool your house during the summer months by removing any hot air that is trapped within your roof space. This in turn leads to a reduced need for air conditioning, or if air con is still required, it reduces the load on the conditioner rewarding you with lower running costs and energy bills.

A well ventilated roof space also Increases the efficiency of your roof insulation and prevents radiant heat entering your home through the ceiling. Roof vents prevent mould build-up during winter by keeping roof and wall cavities dry, fresh and moisture free.

High quality roof ventilation works to minimise the damaging effects of the moisture and heat in your roof. Roof vents also prevent the moisture and heat from lingering at roof level.