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Roof Air Ventilator – Passive (from $110)

A roof air ventilator is essential in Australia's hot climate to remove excess hot air from the roof air to create a more comfortable home.

Our passive roof ventilator provides homeowners with a very affordable solution to ventilating their roof space - without any running costs. When the temperature rises outside, it’s useful too have a roof air ventilator that can help prevent hot air sinking into your house from the roof, and making things uncomfortable. A passive air vent is the simplest from of of roof ventilation available.

Increasing the amount of natural air flow with a passive roof air ventilator helps control roof dampness from condensation. This will help with prevent mold build up. This  convenient product also offers some assistance in keeping you cool.

Passive ventilation is a convenient and cost-effective solution for most roofs either with or without a cavity. It’s ideal for homes with cathedral ceilings, sheds, attics, and tiny houses where it is not suitable to install a solar powered or eclectic powered roofing air ventilator.

The passive ventilator is also available with clear vented cap to allow natural light into your roof space. The vent comes with a seamless injection molded flashing to ensure a watertight install on any roof style.

Passive Roof Ventilation
  • Extremely quiet operation.
  • Saves on energy.
  • Promote fresh air circulation.
  • Assists with roof dampness and mould problems.
  • Improves air quality.
  • Always works, does not require daylight, wind or electricity.


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