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Solar Battery

What Are the Benefits Of a Solar Battery In Your home?

Many Australian homes run on solar power during the day, but adding a solar battery is the next step in taking full advantage of the sun. Solar batteries store excess power produced during the day to help power the home at night to save on electricity bills. They can also provide backup during power outages. Let's look…

Solar Panels, Solar Power Systems

Save On Your Heating This Winter with These 5 Tips

Some people enjoy the winter: it’s a chance to stay cosy and warm inside. But that can only happen if you’ve got good heating options. With the additional electricity use and longer morning showers, winter can be a terrible time for energy bills. If you want to stay warm and comfortable in winter without excessive energy bills,…

Solar Panels

Are Solar Panels Worth It? We Do the Math

Solar energy is growing in popularity every day. But are solar panels really worth it? Let's find out whether solar is a cost-effective solution for your home. Government Incentives Before we go into costs, it's worth mentioning the government incentive available for solar buyers. The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) is designed to reduce the upfront cost…

Solar Panels

When is the Best Time to Install Solar?

Summer may seem like the obvious season to install solar panels for your home. And you wouldn’t be wrong in assuming that many households opt to wait for the warmer months to make the switch to solar (there is no wrong decision after all!) However, holding off until November or December can have drawbacks that may be…