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Solar Panels, Solar Power Systems

Save On Your Heating This Winter with These 5 Tips

Some people enjoy the winter: it’s a chance to stay cosy and warm inside. But that can only happen if you’ve got good heating options. With the additional electricity use and longer morning showers, winter can be a terrible time for energy bills. If you want to stay warm and comfortable in winter without excessive energy bills,…

Solar Battery, Solar Power Systems

4 Considerations For Choosing The Best Solar Battery

If you’ve considered making the switch to solar, you’ve probably wondered whether you need battery storage. It’s not essential to have a battery, however including one in your installation gives you a lot of added benefits.   Why Do You Need Solar Battery Storage? In a typical grid connected solar system setup, there are two main components:…

Solar Battery, Solar Power Systems

4 Key Benefits Of The SolarEdge Energy Hub

The SolarEdge Energy Hub is a revolutionary new system designed to future-proof your household and help you maximise your solar savings. This smart inverter not only boasts a world-leading 99% efficiency, but it’s also configured to connect with battery storage, EV chargers and other smart appliances and energy add-ons. SolarEdge inverters are designed to work with small…

Health & Wellbeing, Solar Power Systems

Why Solar Power Is The Healthy Choice For Your Family

Many people are making the switch to solar energy because of the financial benefits. With solar energy being completely free, you can obviously slash your electricity bill with a solar panel installation. If you choose a solar system battery, you can virtually eradicate electricity bills altogether – and some solar batteries help protect your home from power outages. We know that solar…

Solar Power Systems, General

How To Purchase A Reliable Solar System

At times, investment into solar energy can be intimidating and stressful with a vast number of retailers and components to choose from. In this blog we pass on some tips to help you choose the right solar retailer. It can be very difficult to determine what products and company will provide the most reliable solution for you.…