MaxLight Skylights

The Australian made MaxLight skylight from SolarBright is the perfect to brighten dark areas or rooms in your home or business with pure sunlight.

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MaxLight Tubular Skylights

MaxLight skylights are an easy way brighten your home. They designed and made in Australia by SolarBright and with an industry best 20-year warranty.

MaxLight Skylight Accessories and Options

Check out the range of options and accessories available for the MaxLight skylights including solar powered dimmers, diffusers, seamless leak-proof flashings and bushfire kits.

MaxLight Commercial Skylights

The MaxLight range of commercial skylights are an effective commercial skylight solution for larger spaces.

Tubular Budget Skylights

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t still pick up a skylight for your home or workplace.

Brighten Your Home

The MaxLight Difference

Australian receives an abundance of sunshine, However often the design and construction of our houses doesn’t allow us to take advantage of this natural, cheap and environmentally friendly light source.

By installing skylights in Sydney or elsewhere in Australia, you can simultaneously reap all the benefits of natural sunlight, minimise the use of artificial light and reduce your electricity bills.

Watch the video to see the differnce MaxLight Skylights made to this home.

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Leading Technology

How Do MaxLights Work?

This technology sets MaxLight skylights apart from the competition.

Raycatcher® Dome

Firstly our advanced optical Raycatcher® Dome is engineered to capture the most sunlight possible during the day. Even reflecting some of the light when the sunlight is on a low angle.

Miro-Sliver Tube®

Then our Miro-Silver Tube® sends the light down through a durable anodised aluminium tube with an extremely reflective mirror-like surface  This mirror like tube transmits pure white natural white light into the room or area to to be brightened.

Triple Lens Ceiling Diffusers

The diffuser is the light lens that sis mounted in the ceiling and lookc like alight. It ensures the light enters your home and spreads evenly throughout the space.

Our triple lens diffusers are energy rated – they let and light but not heat. They also block the harmful UV rays, so none of your belongings will be damaged by the sunlight.

Leading Tubular Skylight Manufacturer

SolarBright is Sydney’s and leading tubular skylight manufacturer and supplier. Our local Sydney showroom, head office, warehouse and factory is located in Prestons. Our skylights are also available through a distributor network across Australia and New Zealand.

Our vast experience, our dedication and commitment to the industry and extensive research and development, has led SolarBright to design and develop the MAXLIGHT® Skylight Series. MaxLight tubular skylights are an advanced  daylighting system which sets a new benchmark amongst skylight manufacturers in Australia.

Using cutting-edge technology MaxLight tubular skylights exceed rigorous international energy ratings and have proven their quality every time, adding to SolarBright’s reputation as a leading Sydney skylight manufacturer.

With affordable prices and an unbeatable 20-year warranty, SolarBright skylights are excellent value for money.

SolarBright skylights can be purchased and installed directly from our showroom or Head Office in Sydney or through an extensive network of distributors/installers throughout Australia and NZ.

Skylights FAQ

Your Skylight Questions Answered

Got Questions? Hopefully, you’ll find the answer here and we aim to answer as many of your pre-sale questions, as possible about our MaxLight skylight range.

Of course if you can’t find your question here, or you would like to discuss any of our skylights in more detail, why not just drop us a line on 1300 852 622.

Will a Skylight Make the Room Hotter?

The MaxLight skylight is an energy rated skylight.

This means that it does not allow hat build up in your room. The triple lens system in our MaxLight’s also filters out UV light blocking out any harmful UV transmissions that could damage furniture or fabrics.

What Size Skylight Will I Need?

SolarBright makes MaxLights in 3 sizes:

ML250 – 250mm diameter

ML400 – 400mm diameter

ML550 – 500mm diameter.

The 250mm model is perfect for smaller rooms like laundries, bathrooms and hallways.

The 400mm and 550mm units are perfect for larger rooms like kitchens and living areas. The ML500 is used in commercial applications as well.

Is My Roof Going to Leak when I Install a Skylight?

The MaxLight utilises an Australian made seamless flashing system that is designed to suit most Australian roofs for a leak proof seal when the skylight is correctly Installed

The SolarBright Tubular Skylight is designed for leak-free operation when installed properly.


Do I Need to Clean my MaxLight?

The MaxLight skylight requires no maintenance and is bugs and dust resistant. If you do need to clean it the diffuser is held in place by a bayonet system, meaning a simple twist is all that is needed to remove the diffuser for cleaning.

What Type of Roof can Solarbright® skylight be installed on?

MaxLight skylights can be installed on most roof typed. Our seamless roof flashings are designed to fit most common Australian roof types for ease of installation and leak proof protection.


Can the Maxlight Skylight be Installed in Any Room?

SolarBright skylights are perfect for any dark room or area in your home including the garage.


How Bright is the Skylight Tube?

MaxLight skylights have a super reflective, mirror-like light tube with up to 98% reflectivity rate. It is a durable solid anodized aluminium, not laminated polymer and transmits pure white light. It will not yellow, crack or peel after prolonged UV Exposure.


Does the MaxLight Skylight Work on Cloudy or Rainy Days?

Yes, all available light will be collected and reflected by your tubular skylight. Off course with their being less light to collect and reflect there will be less light transmitted to the room.

SolarBright Skylight’s reflective system transfers light down to the room with minimal light loss on cloudy days. The dome technology allows light coming from any direction to be transferred down the tube, allowing the best light output possible.


Can I Install a MaxLight Tubular Skylight Myself? Is it Difficult to Install?

A homeowner can easily install our tubular skylights in about 2 hours or less. Installation requires basic do-it-yourself skills. Installation requires no wiring or structural changes to your home. Each kit comes with illustrated step-by-step instructions. Each tubular skylight kit comes with everything you need to it install including:

  • High impact Acrylic Dome
  • Roof Flashing
  • Adjustable tubes
  • Dome
  • Diffuser kit
  • All Hardware Needed

What Type of Warranty Does the Tubular Skylight have?

The MaxLight series comes with the industry leading 20-year product warranty.

Can I Turn Off my tubular Skylight During the Day?

There are MaxDim solar powered dimmers for the skylights. The dimmer is perfect for any room that may need to be darkened during the day including bedrooms, media and conference rooms. The dimmer is easily installed inside the light tube and is operated using a remote control.

Can I have Ventilation for my skylight?

Yes, you can have the add-on mechanical ventilation kit (only for the ML250) which is suited to help ventilate wet areas and laundries.

Can I use my Tubular Skylight at Night?

Yes, SolarBright offers several options for providing light at night, the best being the MaxBeam LED lighting kit with a choice of power sources including solar and AC power.

There is also the Electric Light Fitting kit where a light is installed directly into the lower section of the light tube and wired to a wall switch. You will need to organize your own electrician to do this work.

Can a MaxLight SkyLight be installed in a 2-Storey House?

The skylight can deliver sufficient light in longer drops as long there is space for the tube to pass through the upper floors.

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SolarBright is Sydney’s leading skylight manufacturer and supplier, with our local Sydney showroom and head office in Prestons. A culmination of vast experience, our dedication and commitment to the industry and extensive research and development, has led SolarBright® to design and develop the new MAXLIGHT®

Skylight Series. A state-of-the-art daylighting system which sets a new benchmark amongst skylight manufacturers in Australia.

Energy Rated
Unique Advanced Dome
Cutting Edge Technology
Easy Installation
Using Highest Super Reflective Anodised Tube
Seamless Leak Proof Roof Flashing
Choice of Modern Diffusers & Decorative Trims