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Solar Panels are the heart of your solar system and the same holds true for solar panels as for any other technology purchase – you get what you pay for.

SolarBright is one of the largest solar installation companies in Sydney and NSW and over the last 15-years has installed hundreds of thousands of solar panels in home and commercial solar systems. We choose high quality solar panels to give you years of trouble-free performance.

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Max Power Solar Maximus MPS440NBB Panel

The sleek, powerful Max Power Solar MPS440NBB solar panel delivers premium panel features, 30-year warranties and high performance without the premium price tag.

JA Solar LB Series 440W Panel

This powerful JA Solar 440W panel delivers the premium panel features - N-type cells, double and bifacial cells - to outperform standard panels.

REC Solar Panels Alpha Pure-R Series 410W

The Alpha Pure-R 410W REC solar panels combine great technology with strong warranties. REC are a well respected company active in solar panel manufacturing since 1996.

Hyundai 390W VG Series Solar Panels

SolarBright are an authorised Hyundai solar dealer and install Hyundai solar panels in Sydney and across NSW.

Choosing the Best Solar Panels in Sydney

Prior to LG leaving the solar industry in 2022, LG solar panels were regarded as the best because of their superior performance and industry leading warranty. SolarBright was a leading LG Authorised dealer.

SolarBright has built a trusted reputation.  We offer our customers the best solar panel technology at accessible prices. When searching for a premium panel to replace the LG, we wanted a panel that was better than the LG, not just equal to it. The panel that bettered the LG on technical criteria was the Max Power Solar 390N panel.

Max Power Solar panels are our chosen premium panel. SolarBright has been appointed the exclusive supplier and installer of Max Power Solar panels in NSW and Sydney. Since 2022 we have installed over 10,000,000 Watts of Max Power panels.

As of August 2023, our current premium solar panel is Max Power Solar MPS415N-R 415W panel with superior N-Type cell technology.

If you can’t afford premium solar panels, then buy the best panels you can afford. SolarBright also installs high quality solar panels from leading other manufacturers including REC and EGing.

Solar Panels For The Home: The Top 5 Installation Considerations

Choose Wisely

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Solar Panels

Solar Panels are the heart of your solar system and the same holds true for solar panels as for any other technology purchase – you get what you pay for.

When you are wanting to choose the best solar panels here are some key features to look for. These features are what make the best solar panels stand out from the pack.

Look at the cell technology in the panel. Look at the warranties being offered.

Just as importantly look the solar retailer that is supplying and installing the panels. Will they give you an onsite visit prior to install. How long have they been in business?

Cell Technology

Solar Panel Cell Technology

Check the cell technology in the panel in you are offered.

Look for N-Type cell technology in the solar panel. Most panels sold in Australia have P-Type cells. “N-Type” and “P-Type” cells refer to the doping process used when producing the cells used in the panels.

Why do the best solar panels use N-Type cells? It is because this type of cell is much more sensitive to low light conditions. A panel with N-Type cells will start producing power earlier in the morning light and keep producing until later in the day. They will also produce more power in cloudy conditions.

This means a solar system with the best panels will produce more power every day for the life of the system, maximising the amount of savings for the customer.

Product Warranty

Solar Panel Warranties

When looking for the best solar panels in Sydney take time to understand the warranties that are offered with the product.

Solar panels have two different types of warranty attached to them – product warranty and performance warranty. These cover two different aspects of the panel.

The product warranty covers the panel itself – the materials and workmanship, much like the warranty you get with an electrical appliance. Most standard panels will come with only a 20 or 25-year product warranty.

The best solar panels will offer a 30-year product warranty.

The second type of warranty, performance warranty, covers the panels power production over its life.

Performance Warranty

Solar Panel Warranties

The performance (power production) of all solar panels decreases over time. The regulator in Australia states that all solar panels must have a warranted output after 25-years. Many standard panels are warranted at producing only 80% of their original output after 25-years.

The best solar panels degrade more slowly than standard panels and have 30-year performance warranties. They will will be warranted to produce over 85% of their power rating after 30-years. Again this means more output and more savings for the customer over the life of the system.

Always question your supplier very carefully regarding the solar panel warranties. Be aware that some will infer their panel has a “25-year warranty” when the actual product warranty on the panel is only 12 or 15 years.

SolarBright offers the outstanding Max Power Solar 415W solar panel that is warranted at over 87% of the original output.


How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Sydney?

Solar panel costs in Sydney varies according to the brand, the power output of the panels, the quality of the panels and other factors. In Sydney in August 2023 a 6.6kW solar system with high quality panels from a reputable installer such as SolarBright should cost between $4000 and $5000.

The solar panels should be at least 415W in output. This way you will be getting maximum power production from the space on your roof. Don’t get caught up in the number of panels in the system.

The important number is the total size of the system in kilowatts (kW). This is calculated by multiplying the panel size in watts by the number of panels. Thus 16 x 415-watt panels = a 6.6kW (6,640 watt) solar system.

You can check our solar panel Special Offers HERE.

Choose Wisely

Are there Risks with a Cheap Solar Panel Installation?

You will see solar PV systems advertised for under $3500. How do these operators get their prices so low?

The main way to cut the cost of a system is to take shortcuts with the installation quality and standards. This presents safety issues for the homeowner. We often must take down cheap solar systems that are only 4 years due to poor installation and quality.

Be aware that cheap solar power installations often cut corners with poor quality workmanship and panels. You may save $1000 in upfront cost, but it could cost you many times this, due to poor energy production and a shortened system life. Buy cheap, pay twice.

To educate yourself further on the Risks of Cheap Solar checkout our blog HERE.

Is It Easy To Install Solar Panels In Sydney And NSW With SolarBright?

If you are looking for a solar power installation in Sydney or across NSW, we strive to make it as easy as possible. We understand that solar can be confusing at first. Our energy consultants take the time to understand your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Unlike some operators, we do not use pushy sales styles that put you under pressure to make a quick decision. We always do the right thing for our customers, ensuring you are comfortable on your solar journey.

This is how we make a solar power installation easy for you:

Our consultant will do a no-obligation visit to your home. They look at your power bills and energy usage to design the right-sized solar system that suits you exactly. They will inspect your switch board and roof to ensure everything is suitable for installing solar panel systems.

They prepare a solar PV proposal that specifies the solar panel and the layout of the panels on your roof, and the cost of the system. We use special satellite mapping software to accurately estimate how much system production and estimate your payback time.

If you accept the proposal to install the solar PV system, you just need to pay a minimum $100 deposit and accept the proposal in writing. SolarBright organises all permissions required and the government rebates.

Once the installation is complete you call your energy distributor to let them know you have a new solar panel installation. They will then organise a new net meter for you.

Then you enjoy many years of free, renewable energy from your solar system.

Does SolarBright Install Residential and Commercial Solar Power In Sydney And NSW?

Yes, SolarBright are one of the top solar panel installers and solar battery installers in Sydney and NSW with a proven record of over 15,000 domestic and commercial installs over 15 years.

We supply solar systems up to 100kW in size.

Across Sydney and NSW regional areas we have over 10 installation teams and all our installers are CEC accredited solar installers.

Whether you are considering solar for your home, or a commercial system organisation is considering commercial solar it is easy to organise a no obligation visit from a SolarBright energy consultant.

What Government Rebates are Available for Solar Panels?

Yes, there are government incentives available for consumers that want to install a solar PV system. These are known as Small Technology Certificates (STCs). Unfortunately, these decrease every year by 7%.

At present in July 2022 a 6.6kW system attracts 82 STCs valued at $3404. The number of STCs applicable varies for different sized solar power systems.

Do Our Solar Panel Prices for Sydney Include the Government Rebates?

Yes, in every proposal we do for solar power in Sydney and NSW we list the STC’s applicable and their value and deduct this from the cost of the system. SolarBright then claims these from the government making it simple for our customers to take advantage of the incentive.

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