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Smash your power bills with this limited special offer from SolarBright on this superior solar system. The powerful 440-Watt Max Power Maximus panels feature premium N-Type cells, dual glass, bifacial technology and are built tough to last in harsh Australian conditions.

With bifacial N-Type cells they suffer less performance degradation over the life of the panel and offer improved efficiency giving you increased savings over the life of the system.

Max Power is an Australian solar company. For peace of mind the panels are backed with extensive Aussie 30-year product and 30-year performance warranties.

Since 2008 SolarBright has helped over 15,000 families and businesses across NSW save thousands off their power bills. Act now and protect yourself from high power prices.

Sleek Premium Max Power Solar 6.6kW System

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What's In the Package

Max Power Panel Advantages


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Using the best solar technology available the Max Power Maximus 440w NBB panels in this system deliver increased production over the the life of the system. The panel also performs exceptionally well in low light. For our customer this means increased savings and more money your pocket.


Superior N-Type Cells

The premium N-Type cells in the panel results in lower Light Induced Degradation (LID) compared to standard P-Type cells in other panels. This means more power produced over the life of the system and more customer savings.

Dual Glass Bifacial Technology

Dual glass means extra toughness for harsh Australian conditions. Many panels only have a plastic back sheet which can lead to early failure in cheaper panels. Bifacial technology means the cells produce from both sides for higher production and more savings.

High Power Density

The Maximus panel packs a massive 440 Watt output from a standard panel size footprint. Power density is an important factor if you are charging an EV or will be in the future. It is also ideal for customers with tight roof space where you need the maximum yield from a smaller space.

Exceptional Efficiency

The incredible 22.53% efficiency means increased power production – resulting in increased savings over the life of the system for the customer.

Extensive Warranties

For your peace of mind the Max Power panel is backed with extensive Australian 30-year product and 30-year performance warranties. With the bifacial N-Type Cells the panel is warranted to be still producing at an amazing 87.4% output after 30-years.

Visually Appealing

Sleek looking panels are visually appealing and perfectly complement Australian home design.

Peace of Mind

Extensive Panel Product & Performance Warranties

Our customers get the peace of mind that comes with an exceptional product warranty of 30-years for the panels.

There is also an extensive 30-year linear performance warranty. The output of all solar panels decreases over time. After 30-years the 440w Max Power  panel is warranted to still perform at an impressive 89% of the original power rating. Most Other panels only have a 25-year performance warranty and will only be rated at around 80% output after 25 years.

The graph opposite shows the 30-year Max Power Maximus 440w panel performance warranty compared to standard panels with a 25-year performance warranty.

A system with this panel will produce more power every day over the life of the panels. This  results in increased savings day after day compared to other panels.


Visual Appearance Dark cells and frames
Power Output and Tolerance 440Watt (0 to +5W
Product Warranty 30-year warranty
Performance Warranty 30-year linear performance warranty with over 89% output after 30-years
Cell Type 108 Mono TOPcon N-type cells bifacial
Module Efficiency 22.53%
Front & Back Sheets 1.6mm Tempered Glass
Frame Anodised aluminium, black
Junction Box IP68 rated
Panel Dimensions LWH 1762 x 1134 x 30mm
Panel Weight 21.5kg

Quicks Specs for the Sofar 5-KTLM-3G 5kW Single Phase Inverter

Quick Specs 

Max PV Input Power (Wp)


MPP Trackers


Max AC Output (VA)


Maximum Efficiency


Dimensions mm

349 x 344 x 164




LCD and App via Bluetooth


RS485/Bluetooth optional WiFi/ethernet



Operating Ambient Temperature Range

-30 ℃ to +60 ℃

Allowable Relative Humidity Range

0 – 100%

Ingress Protection


Cooling Method

Natural convection (no fan noise)


10-years conditional warranty


Act Now & Beat Rising Power Prices

Limited Offer Below 2023 Pricing

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*This offer is for the Sydney metro area for a standard single story installation. STC’s to be assigned to Energy Saving Products Pty Ltd T/A SolarBright. Travel & delivery charges may apply outside the metro area. Not to be used in conjunction with any other other. Please call for regional pricing. Offer valid while stocks last.