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Sungrow Battery SBR Series

Modular Sungrow Solar Battery Solution

The Sungrow Solar Battery SBR series is a smart, modular, residential energy storage solution based on 3.2kWh storage modules that stack on top of each other. Therefore the battery size can be to increased from 9.9kWH all the way to 25.6kWh.

Standard solar systems and many solar and battery solution cannot offer protection in a power blackout. However the Sungrow  system automatically provides backup power for the home in a power outage.

Established in 1997, Sungrow are a global leader in solar technology. 1800 staff work in R&D resulting in over 3100 patents. With over 20% of the inverter market Sungrow are a large force in Australian solar and moreover backed with a local warehouse and support centre.

Sungrow Battery SBR Series

Sungrow Battery Advantages

The Sungrow battery is charged from excess electricity produced by the solar panels in the solar system. The electricity produced by the panels goes to power the household requirements first, any that is not used by the home is sent to the battery. This power is then used to power the home at night.

Modular Capacity Expansion

The Sungrow SBR battery consists of stacked 3.2kWh power modules. A battery can be sized from 9.6kWh (3 modules) through to 25.6kWH (8 modules).

Protection from Outages

The battery can be configured at installation to provide protection from grid outages for improved energy security.

10-Year Warranty

The Sungrow battery comes with a 10-year conditional warranty for your peace of mind.
Usable energy 100%
Max. charging/discharging current:continuous 30A
Depth of Discharge 100%
Display SOC indicator, status indicator
Installation location Indoor / outdoor
Mounting method Floor stand
Operating ambient temperature range Charge: 0 to 50 ℃ / Discharge: -30 to 50 ℃
Degree of protection IP55
Cooling method Natural convection
Expansion adaptation Up to 4 units in parallel (need extra Junction box)
Warranty 10-years conditional warranty


Model Battery Capacity No. Modules DImensions mm W x H x D
SBR096 9.6kWh 3 625x545x330
SBR128 12.8kW 4 625x675x330
SBR160 16kWh 5 625x805x330
SBR192 19.2kWh 6 625x935x330
SBR224 22.4kWh 7 625x1065x330
SBR256 25.6kWh 8 625x1195x330
The Sungrow battery solution with the Sungrow hybrid inverters offers automatic protection from power outages which standard solar cannot do.

Solar Bright

Sungrow Protects Your Home from Power Outages

Hybrid Sungrow inverters are used in conjunction with the batteries, that’s why the battery solution can offer automatic protection from blackouts for your home or business. Standard solar and many standard solar and battery packages cannot do this.

The inverter detects if the grid loses power and will switch over to battery backup power to run the home in under 10 milliseconds. This means there is no interruption to power for the home.

This functionality needs to be set up and configured during the installation of the battery.

Modular Capacity Expansion

Battery Sizes and Models

Being a modular battery means the battery capacity can be increased in 3.2kWh units from 9.6kWh through to 25.6kWh. If you first purchase the smaller battery you can later expand it. However there are there are technical limitations regarding this.

The modules are “plug and play” and no wiring is required when expanding the battery making it an easy job to increase capacity. Note that capacity increases an only be undertaken in the early part of the battery life.

Moreover up to four 25.4kWh batteries can be joined in parallel to give a massive capacity of over 100kWh.


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High Performance and Safety

Sungrow SBR batteries offer 100% usable energy coupled with 30A continuous charging and discharging for high performance.

Lithium iron phosphate battery chemistry is used in the modules which is a leading chemistry in terms of performance and safety. Being fully certified the battery safety protections include:

  • Over / under voltage protection
  • Over current protection
  • Over / under temperature protection
  • DC breaker.

Solar Bright

iSolar Cloud Monitoring Platform

The iSolar platform allows for the monitoring and management of the complete system all in the one app.

It is available through an app on your phone or via a web browser and allows you to monitor system power production, battery usage, and home usage and the information is refreshed at 10 minute intervals.

You can see how much charge is in the battery and monitor battery usage. Installation of an optional energy meter will also allow you see how much power is being drawn for the grid and monitor power consumption.

The platform can also send alerts in the event of an issue with the solar system.


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