MaxBreeze Solar Roof Ventilator-Second Installed FREE*

Help Cool Your Home with MaxBreeze Solar Powered Roof Ventilators

Buy 2 MaxBreezes for your home and we will install the 2nd unit FREE.

The Australian designed MaxBreeze solar roof fan from SolarBright, is the ideal roof ventilation system too help cool your home.

On hot days your roof cavity can heat up to 65°C. This heat penetrates though the ceiling and into the rooms of your home.

The smart, thermostat controlled MaxBreeze automatically turns on when the cavity reached about 25°C.

With a brushless DC motor the MaxBreeze works quietly and efficiently all day removing the hot air from your roof.

This helps cool your home on hot, sunny days reducing the load on air-con.

* Offer is valid for residential customers with the installation address within a 30km radius of  the SolarBright Preston’s facility. See below for more information.

MaxBreeze Solar Roof Fan Advantages

The MaxBreeze is an efficient and cost effective roof ventilation system that removes heat and moisture from your roof cavity for a cooler, healthier home.

Cooler Home

MaxBreeze helps cool your home and reduce the load on air-condition to save energy costs.

Drier Home

MaxBreeze helps remove moisture from the roof cavity for a drier, healthier home.

Highly Efficient

The MaxBreeze MB250 can move up to 7 times more air than a whirlybird.

Auto On/Off

The smart MaxBreeze is thermostat controlled and turns on automatically

Day & Night Models

The MaxBreeze Zephyr models includes a built in battery that charges during the day to allow the fan to operate on hot nights.

No Running Costs

MaxBreeze is powered by free solar energy so there are no running costs.

Testimonial Video

The MaxBreeze Difference

Homeowner Rachels talks about how MaxBreeze helps cool her home.

In this testimonial video our customer Rachel replaces two old whirlybirds with new smart, solar powered MaxBreeze solar roof fans.

The MaxBreeze fans were installed in just a few hours.

The MaxBreeze fans have reduced her dependence on air-con to cool the home.

Rachel says they have “made a difference you can really feel in the home.”

Viewing time: 1:20.

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the maxbreeze quietly and efficiently removes hot air from the roof cavity

The MaxBreeze Difference

What Our Customers Say

“They installed the new MaxMreezes in a couple of hours. The effect was immediately noticeable.

We went from the air-con being a must have to stay comfortable to the air-con being optional.  They are so quiet…you can really feel the difference the MaxBreeze makes in the home” (Rachel M)

“The  [MaxBreeze] install went without any hiccups. For a home that has never had any ventilation, there was a significant difference with the temperature within the home.” (Vu Phan)

“I had a solar ventilation fan installed by SolarBright. It makes the house cool and refreshing during those hot days. The ventilation fan is much better than the whirlybirds I had before.” (Johnathon Clenner)

MaxBreeze Offer

Terms & Conditions

This free install of your 2nd MaxBreeze is subject to certain terms and conditions.

  • The offer is limited to customers that reside within a 30km radius of SolarBright’s address at 11 Progress Circuit, Prestons, 2170.
  • The offer covers the standard installation cost of a MaxBreeze on the same building on the same day as the first unit is installed.
  • It does not cover any extra costs for required nonstandard installations such as a double storey.
  • It is not to be used in conjunction with any other special offer.