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MaxLight Skylight Accessories and Options

SolarBright supplies a range of MaxLight skylight accessories and options to customise the skylight to suit your requirements.

These include:

  • The MaxBeam24 turns the MaxLight into a day & night lighting solution
  • MaxDIM solar powered skylight dimmer
  • Choice of triple lens diffuser types
  • Hybrid 550mm square diffuser options
  • Seamless leakproof flashings to suit different roof types
  • Combo vent and and skylight for the ML250
  • Electric light fitting for the ML250 and ML400
  • Bushfire kits.

Call SolarBright to organise a free in-home skylight consultation with one our of experts to discuss which options best suit your requirements.



Turn the MaxLight into a Day & Night Skylight

The innovative MaxBeam24 is a fantastic new product from SolarBright. This clever Australian designed solution delivers free lighting both day and night when added to our MaxLight tubular skylight – its is a skylight by day, and an LED solar powered light at night.

What’s the secret to the MaxBeam24 LED skylight? It has a high performance solar panel mounted on the roof which charges a built-in solar battery. A specialised LED light ring is fitted into the MaxLight skylight diffuser mounted in the ceiling to light the room.

Watch the animation to see how the MaxBeam works. Viewing time 2 minutes.

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Solar Powered Dimmer

How the MaxDIM Works

The MaxDIM solar powered skylight dimmer allows you control the amount of light entering the room through the MaxLight skylight.

With the remote control you can vary the light level – from light to dark and anywhere in-between.

It is easy to select the perfect light level to suit the situation.

Watch the animation to learn the MaxDIM works.

Viewing time: 1 minute 30 seconds.

Solar Powered Dimmer

MaxDIM Components

The MaxDIM solution consists of the following parts:

  • A dimmer mechanism mounted in the skylight tube
  • A small solar panel mounted on the roof the provides the power to drive the dimmer mechanism
  • The remote control to set the perfect light level.

This solution removes the need for an electrician to wire the dimmer electric motor into an electric circuit. This simplifies the installation process, making it suitable DIY install.

There are different sized dimmers available to suit the ML250, ML400 and ML550 skylights.

ML250 and ML400 Accessories

Triple Lens Diffusers

There are a choice of round triple lens diffusers available for the ML250 and ML400 MaxLight skylights.

The triple lens technology, developed by SolarBright, works to evenly spread light within the room while keeping out heat.

The diffuser options available are:

Auroramax Diffuser – This Fresnal micro-optic lens is engineered to transmit pure, natural light evenly regardless  of the sun angle.

Aurora Diffuser – Transmits and spreads light effectively in every room.

Prismax Diffuser – The traditional style lens used in the skylight industry.

Warm Diffuser – A matt satin surface which produces a warm and soft light.

ML250 and ML400 Accessories

250 and 400mm Square Diffusers

Also available in the diffuser range are the 250mm square diffusor for the ML250 and the 400mm square diffuser for the ML400.

These smart, contemporary looking diffusers are a great choice in situations where you do not want to fit the standard round diffusers.

A round to square transition box is fitted on the bottom of the skylight tube to allow the square diffuser to be fitted into the ceiling.

These diffusers are available with the warm diffuser lens style.

ML400 & ML550 Accessories

550mm Hybrid (Square) Diffusers

The 550mm hybrid (square diffuser) is available for both the ML400 and ML550.

These are a great choice in situations where you want a greater amount of light to enter the room from the skylight.

A round to square transition box is fitted on the bottom of the skylight tube to allow the 550mm square diffuser to be fitted in the ceiling.

There are a choice of four diffusor styles:

  • Warm
  • Aurora
  • Prismax
  • Glaze

Our skylight experts will help you choose the best diffusor to suit your application.

ML400 Hybrid Diffuser

ML250 ML400 and ML550

Leak Proof Flashings

There are a range of custom designed and manufactured flashings for the MaxLight skylight range.

These seamless leak proof flashings suit most Australian roof types including:

  • Custom orb (corrugated) metal
  • Kliplok metal
  • Concrete tiles
  • Terracotta tiles.

When ordering a MaxLight skylight kit just specify your roof type to get the correct flashing.


ML250 Accessories

Combination Skylight and Vent

There is a combination skylight and ventilation kit available for the ML250 skylight.

This kit offers the convenience of a skylight and passive ventilation in one unit.

The combo is a good option to help ventilate rooms such as bathrooms, laundries and other small rooms that may require lighting and ventilation.

The interior diffuser trim contains the triple lens diffuser and ventilation grill in a single neat trim kit.


ML250 & ML400 Accessories

Electric Light Fitting

The Electric Light Fitting is available for the MaxLight ML 250 and ML400 skylights.

This accessory allows the mounting of an electric light into the skylight tube.

This provides light through the skylight on dull and cloudy days, or at night.

Please note installation of this option requires the services of a qualified electrician to wire the light fitting into the the home electrical circuit. A light switch also needs to added into the room where the skylight is located.

ML 250 ML400 & ML550

Bushfire Kits

If you are building a home in a bushfire zone you can still install MaxLight skylights as bushfire kits are available for the skylight range.

The Bushfire kits contain:

  • Metal universal flashing
  • Metal internal ring
  • Glass insert.