MaxLight Skylights Free Installation

Brighten Your Home with Australian Made MaxLight Tubular Skylights.

If you live within a 30K radius of SolarBright Prestons (Sydney) or Port Macquarie act now and take advantage of this free skylight installation offer and brighten your home.

A top quality MaxLight skylight can easily and economically add pure, natural light to your home.

The skylight features a specially designed and engineered dome to capture the most sunlight possible. This light is reflected down a highly mirrored metal tube and into the room through a triple lens diffuser. The diffusor ensures an even spread of natural light while keeping out the heat.

Our team can easily and quickly install a MaxLight skylight into your home in a couple of hours for free.

Terms and Conditions apply - see below for details.


Maxlight Tubular Skylights

Limited Offer – Save Over $185 Per Skylight

MaxLight Skylight Advantages

With cutting edge technology MaxLight skylights deliver brighter, more natural light into your home than any other Australian made energy rated tubular skylight.

Brighter Home

MaxLight skylights have brightened thousands of homes across Australia with free, natural light. A brighter home is a happier, healthier home.

Free & Quick Installation

If you live with within a 30-km radius of SolarBright's Prestons or Port Macquarie facility we will install your skylight for free. It only takes a couple of hours to brighten your home. Terms & Conditions apply.

Energy Rated

The triple lens diffuser technology lets in pure light to brighten the room and also keeps out the heat. Traditional skylights need expensive blinds to assist with keeping the heat out.

Leading 20-Yr Warranty

Our 20-year warranty is industry best due to the MaxLight's highly reflective Miro-Silver anodised aluminium tube technology. Other tubular skylights only have 10-years as they use a polymer lining that degrades in UV light.

Aussie Designed & Made

MaxLight skylights are designed and made in Australia by SolarBright, a family owned business. The MaxLight is the market leading Australian made tubular skylight.

Very Cost Effective

MaxLight skylights are easy to install and very cost effective compared to traditional skylights. Their installations are expensive you need several different trades. The install can take several days and be spread over weeks.

Before and After

The MaxLight Difference

Watch the video to see the difference MaxLight skylights made for Rachel.

See how the installation of Aussie made MaxLight skylights transform Rachel’s home, turning darkness into light in the living area and hallway.

“The dark spaces are gone… we are so happy with the difference the MaxLight skylights have made to our house.”

The video shows the installation in progress as well as the before and after. This installation was completed in just one day.

Viewing time: 2 minutes.

Amazing Aussie Skylight

How Do MaxLights Work?

Watch the video to learn about the MaxLight skylight family.

The animation shows how the key parts of the MaxLight – the dome, the tube and the diffuser – work together to easily brighten your home with natural light.

See how the solar powered dimmer allows you to control the amount of light entering the room at the touch of a finger – from light to dark and back again.

Learn how adding the MaxBeam24 to the MaxLight skylight turns the MaxLight into a an amazing day and night lighting solution.

Viewing time: 3 minutes.


Limited Offer- Act Now

Get a Free Skylight Installation

Take advantage of this limited offer. Book an obligation free in-home consultation and quote with one of our skylight specialists today.

MaxLight Skylight

Models and Sizing

The MaxLight range comes in three different models. The models reflect diameter of the tube and diffuser in millimetres: the ML250 and the ML400 for residential use and the ML500 suited for larger residential and commercial skylight applications.



With a 250mm diameter tube and diffuser, the ML250 is a quality skylight solution for smaller rooms up to 18m² and suits room such as:

  • Smaller kitchens
  • Pantries
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundries
  • Walk-in wardrobes
  • Hallways – in longer hallways two skylights may be used.

The maximum potential drop length for the ML250 tube (the distance from the dome on the roof to the ceiling in the room) is 7m.


ML400 & ML400 Hybrid

With a 400mm diameter tube and diffuser, the ML400 is a suitable skylight solution for larger rooms up to 25m². The ML400H (Hybrid) features a 400mm x 400mm square diffuser and can light rooms up to 28m². The ML400 models suit rooms such as:

  • Larger Kitchens
  • Lounge rooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Open, combined living spaces
  • Wide hallways.

The maximum potential drop length for the ML400 tube (the distance from the dome on the roof to the ceiling in the room) is 10m and up to 12m for the ML400H.

SolarBright Installer working on roof

Free Skylight Installation

Terms & Conditions

This free MaxLight skylight installation offer is subject to some terms and conditions.

  • The offer is limited to customers that reside within a 30km radius of SolarBright’s Prestons or Port Macquarie offices.
  • The offer covers the standard installation cost of ML250 and ML400 residential skylights.
  • It does not cover any extra costs required for nonstandard installations such as a double storey.
  • The offer does not cover the costs of any extra flashings such as back-flashing that may be required on shallow sloped or flat roofs.
  • It is not to be used in conjunction with any other special offer.
  • The offer is not applicable for commercial ML550 skylight installations.