MaxLight Commercial Skylights

The MaxLight ML550 range of commercial skylights are an effective commercial skylight solution for larger spaces. They are manufactured in Australia by SolarBright to deliver trouble free service in field

This versatile range of commercial daylighting solutions features three different models; depending on your space, and offers customisation options to ensure that your product is perfectly suited to your needs.

  •  The Solar MaxLight® series of commercial skylights by Solarbright® set a new benchmark for the Commerical Daylighting Systems made in Australia.
  • The range comes in 2 different versions, (K-550ML/O) for open ceiling & (K-DL550/C) for closed ceiling
  • Using innovative technology, our MaxLight® commercial range is perfect product for offices, schools, retail shops, factories, warehouses, childcare centres and other large space applications
  • With an industry-leading 20 year warranty, and excellent energy rating performance our commercial range of skylights are excellent value for money.
Commercial Skylights

Key Features

Brighter Spaces

MaxLight commercials skylights have brightened hundreds of classrooms and workspaces across Australia with free, natural light.

Energy Rated

The triple lens diffuser technology lets in light to brighten the room and keeps out the heat. Traditional skylights needs expensive blinds to assist with keeping the heat at bay in hot climates.

Industry Best Warranty

The 20-year warranty is industry best ona commercial skylight due to the MaxLight's exclusive highly reflective Miro-Silver anodised aluminium tube technology. Other tubular skylights only have 10-years as they use a polymer lining that degrades in UV light.
MaxLight® ML550 (Square) Closed MaxLight® ML550/Open MaxLight® ML550 (Round) Closed
P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A.
Light Coverage Area Up to 65 sqm Up to 65 sqm up to 65 sqm
Potential Drop Length 20M+ 20M+ 20M+
Size 600mm 600mm 600mm
Suitable For Large offices, schools, daycare centres, shops Warehouses, factories, storage hangers Large offices, schools, day care centres, shops
Security Bar Option Yes Yes Yes

How Does It Work?

MaxLight Commercial Skylights

Watch the video to see the difference MaxLight Commercial skylights made at this new school.

The video highlights the deployment of MaxLight ML550’s in this large education project at a new build school campus.

It shows the huge difference in light levels the skylights make inside the classrooms.

It also shows how the light levels can be adjusted with the dimmer to set the perfect levels required.

Viewing time: 1 minute 30 seconds.


Commercial Skylight Accessories

Solar Powered Dimmer

The MaxDIM solar powered skylight dimmer allows you control the amount of light entering the room through the MaxLight skylight.

With the remote control it is easy to vary the light level – from light to dark and anywhere in-between.

It is easy to select the perfect light level to suit the situation.

Watch the animation to learn the MaxDIM works.

Viewing time: 1 minute 30 seconds.

Solar Powered Dimmer

MaxDIM Components

The MaxDIM solution consists of the following parts:

  • A dimmer mechanism mounted in the skylight tube
  • A small solar panel mounted on the roof the provides the power to drive the dimmer mechanism
  • The remote control to set the perfect light level.

This solution removes the need for an electrician to wire the dimmer electric motor into an electric circuit.

Interested in Commercial Skylights?

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