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Massive Solar and Battery Packages

10.8kWh Battery With 7.92kW kW Premium Solar $13,488
Cover Day & Night Power Consumption

Aussie home and business owners face soaring power costs and power grid issues that may cause power supply outages. Now is the time to protect your family or business with this massive premium solar and SolaX Triple Power battery special.

Act now to secure this offer at the super special price of only $13,488* while stocks last.

Excess power produced during the day by the solar system charges the battery to power your home at night and avoid expensive peak power charges.

The battery has a usable capacity of 9.72kWh with 50A continuous charge and discharge.

Image displayed opposite shows the 14.4kWh battery and is for display purposes.

*Sydney Metro Only Price – Please Contact Us For Regional Pricing.

Advantages of the SolaX Battery & Solar Package

Protect your family from surging power costs and get the security of back up power when needed. The payback time on battery packages has never been been better, so act now and take advantage of this special deal from SolarBright.

Night and Day Solar Power

Power your home day or night with clean solar energy to fight surging power costs and protect your energy security.

Return on Investment

With power price rises the payback time time on batteries has never been better. We will estimate your ROI in our battery proposal.

Modular Battery

The SolaX Triple Power battery is expandable in 3.6kW modules.

Energy Security - Backup Power

The Battery will provide emergance back up power for your home in a blackout.

Accredited Technicians

All of our highly skilled installers are CEC accredited. Our workmanship has a 10-year guarantee.

Strong Warranties

The package is backed with comprehensive warranties for your peace of mind.

The Smart Choice

SolaX Modular 10.8kWh Battery

The SolaX Triple Power solar battery represents a sensible and affordable solution to help safeguard your family from surging electricity costs.

Key features:

  • 10.8kWh capacity modular battery with 3 x 3.6kWh battery power units, a battery management module and the floor standing base
  • 90% depth of discharge for a usable capacity of 9.72kWh
  • Extra modules can be added to the battery after installation (conditions apply)
  • A single battery is expandable to 13 power modules for capacity of 46.8kWh (42.1kWh usable)
  • Soft start technology protects the battery and inverter from surges
  • The battery offers emergency power back up for your home in the case of a blackout.

Larger SolaX Battery and Solar System packages available.

Peace of Mind

Comprehensive Solar & Battery Warranties

This powerful package will give you years of trouble free service and is backed with comprehensive warranties for peace of mind.

  • 30-year Aussie product warranty on the panels
  • 30-year Aussie performance warranty on the panels
  • 10-year inverter warranty
  • 10-year battery warranty with >6000 cycles design life
  • 10-year warranty on workmanship from SolarBright.

Secure This Hot Battery Deal

 SolarBright are solar and battery experts and an Australian owned family business. Since 2008 we have helped over 15,000 families and businesses save thousands off their power bills.

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Total/Usable Capacity 10.8/9.7kWh
Model T-BAT HS10.8
Continuous Power 50A continuous charging and discharging
Ambient operating temperature charge -30° to 50°C (with heating below 0°)
Mount Floor mounted
Dimensions 510W x 660H x 365D mm
Cooling Natural convection cooling
Warranty 10-year SolaX Warranty

maxImus 440W Logo

MAXIMUS: Strongest, Greatest.

Visual Appearance Black cells
Power Output and Tolerance 440Watt (0 to +5W
Product Warranty 30-year warranty
Performance Warranty 30-year linear performance warranty with over 89% output after 30-years
Cell Type 108 Mono TOPcon N-type cells bifacial
Module Efficiency 22.53%
Front & Back Sheets 1.6mm Tempered Glass
Frame Anodised aluminium, black
Junction Box IP68 rated
Panel Dimensions LWH 1722 x 1134 x 30mm
Panel Weight 20.6kg

Gain Energy Security

Protect Your Home From Power Outages

You gain power back up and increased energy security with the SolaX Triple Power . This affordable solar battery supports black start capability.

What is black start? In an extended blackout the battery could be drained overnight. Black start means that in the morning when the sun comes up the battery can recharge itself from the solar panels on the roof.

This enables the battery to continue to help power the home in the event of a lengthy grid outage. In a battery system without black start, once the battery has discharged it will not be able to to connect to solar system to recharge itself.

In case of a power outage the SolaX inverter will detect loss of grid voltage and switch battery the over to emergency power mode. The battery must have minimum 25% state of charge for this to occur.

Premium Solar Panels Included

Dual Glass Bifacial N-Type Panels

The Max Power 440W NBB  premium panels in this package are a powerful, new generation solar panel.

The panel features superior bifacial N-Type cell technology for increased system production to maximse customer savings. With dual glass (front and back sheets) they are built tough for harsh Australian conditions

The key features of the Max Power Solar panel make it an ideal choice for Australian conditions:

  • Massive 440Watt output from a standard sized panel
  • Excellent 22.53% efficiency
  • Superior performance in low light conditions increases overall system output for greater customer savings
  • Features dual glass – most panels only have a plastic back sheet which can be a source of panel failure
  • Perfect for coastal installations with salt mist and corrosion resistance
  • Excellent investment covered by extensive product and performance warranties
  • The panels are visually appealing to complement Australian home design.

Choose Your Solar Provider Wisely

Why SolarBright?

SolarBright is a family owned Aussie business that provides high quality solar systems at accessible prices.  We have helped thousands of families and businesses across NSW save thousands of dollars off their power bills.

SolarBright has a track record you can trust:

  • NETCC Approved Seller – we work to the highest standards in the industry
  • Over 15,000 installs since 2008
  • One of the largest installers in NSW
  • We offer an obligation free in-home consultation – we do not work out of an overseas call centre
  • Solar and Battery Experts.

Our experienced energy consultants make going solar easy for you with straight forward advice. Act now and take an obligation free energy independence consultation.

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*This offer is for the Sydney Metro area for a standard single story installation. Travel & delivery charges may apply outside this area. STC’s to be assigned to SolarBright. Limited offer while stocks last. Please call for regional NSW Pricing. Images of Max Power Solar systems shown for illustrative purposes. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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