MaxLight Tubular Skylights

Light up your home with MaxLight's cutting edge skylight technology backed with an industry leading warranty.

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MaxLight Tubular Skylights

MaxLight skylights are designed and manufactured in Australia by SolarBright with an industry best 20-year warranty on the tube.

If you’re looking for a  top quality skylight, then you can’t go wrong with the innovative and effective MaxLight® tubular skylight. With a specially constructed dome, this product has been specially engineered to capture the most sunlight possible, while our diffusers ensure an even spread of light and keep out the heat.

The MaxLight® series of skylights by SolarBright set a new benchmark for daylighting skylight systems made in Australia. The range comes in three different models (diameter sizes), the ML250 and the ML400 for residential skylight solutions, and the ML500 for commercial skylight applications.

Options and accessories for the skylights include remote controlled solar powered dimmers, a choice  of diffusers and trims.


MaxLight Skylight Key Features and Technology

Using cutting edge technology, like our RayCatcher® Dome and Miro-Silver Tube®, the MaxLight skylights deliver brighter, more natural and healthier light into your home than any other Australian made energy rated tubular skylight of this kind.


The advanced optical RayCatcher dome with its hail resistant shape, is the optimum in light capturing technology. The durable injection moulded dome with a crystal clear surface, is designed to capture maximum sunlight with its crystal‐clear surface, even in low light situations.


The Miro-Silver anodised aluminium tube has the highest reflectivity for an anodized aluminium surface to deliver pure daylight colour into the room. Tubes in many competitor products use laminated polymer mirror surfaces that deteriorate and de-laminate under UV light. The MaxLight skylight tube does not, hence the industry leading 20 year warranty when most others just have 10-years.


The Auroramax Triple Lens Diffuser Technology is designed to allow the light to enter rooms and spreads the pure light evenly with no hot spots. Many competitor skylights only feature a single lens diffuser and hence are not energy rated like the MaxLight.

There is a choice of different diffusers for the MaxLight skylight, including a square hybrid diffusor for the ML400.

The MaxLight technology combined with the leading 20 year warranty, outstanding performance and our highly competitive pricing, ensure MaxLight skylights are excellent value for money.


Advantages of MaxLight Skylights





MaxLight Skylights Brighten Any Room In Your Home


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    MaxLight Skylight Models and Sizing

    The MaxLight range comes in three different models with the naming reflecting the diameter size of the tube and diffuser in millimetres: the ML250 and the ML400 for residential situations, and the ML500 suited for commercial skylight and large residential applications.

    MaxLight ML250

    With a 250mm diameter tube and diffuser, the ML250 is a quality skylight solution for smaller rooms up to 18m² and suits room such as:

    • Kitchens
    • Bathrooms
    • Laundries
    • Hallways – in longer hallways two skylights may be used.

    The maximum potential drop length for the ML250 tube (the distance from the dome on the roof to the ceiling in the room) is 7m.

    MaxLight ML400 & ML400 Hybrid

    With a 400mm diameter tube and diffuser, the ML400 is a suitable skylight solution for larger rooms up to 25m². The ML400H (Hybrid) features a 400mm x 400mm square diffuser and can light rooms up to 28m². The ML400 models suit rooms such as:

    • Lounge rooms
    • Dining Rooms
    • Open, combined living spaces
    • Large kitchens
    • Wide hallways.

    The maximum potential drop length for the ML400 tube (the distance from the dome on the roof to the ceiling in the room) is 10m and up to 12m for the ML400H.

    The remote control allows you to easily adjust the dimmer to control the light and is variable from fully open to completely closed.


    MaxLight ML550

    The MaxLight ML550 is the perfect solution to bring in natural light into large residential rooms and for commercial applications. The ML550 is designed to provide natural lighting solutions for:

    • Schools
    • Offices
    • Shops
    • Warehouses
    • Factories and other workplace environments
    • Large residential rooms.


    The MaxLight ML550 commercial series has been designed to suit different ceiling types including:

    • Closed gyprock ceilings
    • Grid suspended ceilings
    • Open warehouse ceilings.

    MaxLight Skylight Drop Length and Performance Guide*

    The drop length is the distance from the dome on the roof surface to the diffuser in the ceiling of the room to be lit.

    *Please note that these figures are indicative and performance can vary according to specific site conditions and where the dome is positioned on the roof.


    Accessories and Options for MaxLight Skylights

    Diffuser Options


    For the ML250 skylight there 4 diffuser options.

    1. Prismax Diffuser – the traditional lens used in the skylight industry.
    2. Warm Diffuser – A matt satin surface which produces a warm and soft light.
    3. Aurora Diffuser – Transmits and spreads light effectively in every room.
    4. Auroramax Diffuser – This Fresnal micro-optic lens is engineered to transmit pure, natural light evenly regardless  of the sun angle.


    ML400 Hybrid Diffuser

    • Large 400mm square diffuser to bring in even more light

    • Seamless stylish décor trim

    • Multiple sealed lenses for optimum energy efficiency.

    Diffuser Options: Prismax® | Warm | Aurora® | Glazy®


    Solar Powered Skylight Dimmers

    This smart technology from SolarBright allows to you regulate the amount of light entering the room through the skylight with a remote control.

    The dimmer solution consists of:

    • The dimmer mechanism
    • Solar Panel
    • Remote control

    The small solar panel is mounted on the roof and provides the power to the dimmer mechanism mounted above the diffuser in the ceiling.

    This solution removes the need for an electrician to wire into the house the dimmer electric motor simplifying the installation process, making it suitable DIY install.


    Skylight Tube Electric Light Fitting

    This accessory allows the mounting of an electric light into the skylight tube to provide light through the skylight on dull and cloudy days.

    Please not that this options requires the services of a qualified electrician to wire the light fitting into the the home electrical circuit and the installation of a light switch into the room where the skylight is located.



    MaxLight Skylight Seamless Flashing Kits

    • Leak proof system with ease of installation

    • Seamless injected moulded part for strength and durability

    • Different flashings available to suit most metal and tile roof types in Australia

    • Engineered with pitch for maximum performance

    • Can be coloured matched to suit roof colours – please let us know when ordering.





    This combination skylight and ventilation kit for the ML250 offers the convenience of a skylight and passive ventilation in one unit.

    This is perfect to help ventilate rooms such as bathrooms, laundries and other rooms that require lighting and ventilation.

    The interior diffuser trim contains the triple lens diffuser and ventilation grill in the single neat trim kit.


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    Quick Specs






    Diffuser Shape





    Light Coverage Area

    Up tp 18m²

    Upto 25m²

    Up to 28m²

    Up tp 32m²

    Potential Drop Length

    7m +

    10m +

    12m +

    15m +

    Size - Diameter





    Suitable For

    Small to Medium Rooms

    Medium to Large Rooms
    Dining Rooms
    Lounge Rooms
    Open Plan Areas

    Large Rooms
    Dining Rooms
    Lounge Rooms
    Open Plan Areas

    Extra Large Rooms and Open Areas

    Solar Dimmer Option





    All Trim Options





    Add On Ventilation Option





    Warranty on Tube

    20 Year

    20 Year

    20 Year

    20 Year

    How It Works

    • Raycatcher® Dome

      Firstly our advanced optical Raycatcher® Dome is engineered to capture the most sunlight possible during the day. Even reflecting some of the light when the sunlight is on a low angle.

    • M-Silver Tube®

      Then our M-Silver Tube® sends the light travelling down through an extremely reflective mirror-like surface made of durable Solid Aluminium (making it extremely long lasting). This mirror like tube transmits pure white natural white light into your space.

    • Range Of Auroramax® Diffusers

      But it doesn’t end there. Our range of Auroramax® Diffusers (The parts that sit on your ceiling and look like an electric light) ensures the light enters your home and spreads evenly throughout the space. Our triple lens diffuser has also been designed to block the harmful UV rays, so you can be rest assured none of your belongings will be damaged by the sunlight.

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