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7 Reasons to Choose Max Power Solar Panels Now LG Solar Has Gone.

LG has left the solar market. Customers who want premium quality solar panels with superior technology and features are scratching their heads about which panel to choose. In this article we look at 7 Reasons to choose the Max Power Solar MPS-390N as the obvious alternative to the LG Neon H+ Solar Panel.

For many years the LG NeON panels were considered the best available in the Australian market, featuring leading technology backed with a long (25-year) product warranty.

Now LG solar is gone, customers who wanted LG panels must now consider other panel brands. When selecting another panel brand, you need …

The Top 5 Solar Myths Debunked

If you’ve heard some wild claims about solar energy and wondered if they’re true, you’re in the right place. Let’s look at some common solar energy myths and then analyse the facts. 

solar power myth
1. Solar panels don’t work when it’s cloudy
The optimal weather conditions for solar panels are clear, sunny days. When your solar panels receive uninterrupted, direct sunlight, they will perform at their best. Clouds obviously reduce the amount of direct sunlight your panels receive, and therefore reduce solar energy production. However, it’s not …

Calculate Your Solar Panel Payback Period with These Simple Steps

Beyond contributing to increased sustainability and energy efficiency, solar power systems can create considerable savings for your household by reducing your energy bill. While the initial investment of installing solar can seem high, when you factor in the lifetime benefits of generating solar to help power your home, the costs are definitely worth the outlay. 

calculating your solar payback

When considering solar, it can be useful to understand when and how you will make your money back on your investment. Here we will discuss the components that …

The mySolarEdge App Revolutionising the Future of Home Solar

If you’ve ever tried to analyse your power bill, it isn’t easy to determine how your usage affects the overall cost. Most homeowners can identify the difference between hot water usage and general electricity, but the bills don’t break down much further.

Solar energy can be similarly confusing unless you have a quality monitoring app at your disposal – mySolarEdge is changing the way we use solar.
What is mySolarEdge?
The mySolarEdge app allows users to easily track and manage the performance of their SolarEdge solar system. You get valuable, easy-to-read, real-time data on not just their solar energy consumption, …

Will Solar Panels Increase the Value of My Home?

When most people consider installing solar panels in Australia, they think of the immediate benefits. Of course, you can automatically slash plenty of dollars from your annual energy expenses with solar, and you can also contribute to improving the environment. But solar energy is also a long-term investment that can deliver benefits even when it’s time to sell your home.
Increased selling potential
The simplest answer to whether solar panels will increase the value of your home is ‘yes!’. Buyers know that a home with solar panels represents ongoing electricity savings for the life of the solar system. Basically, those …

7 Tips on Choosing the Best Solar for Sydney & NSW

Many of us when we explore if we should get solar for our home or business do not really know where to start with our research. Sydney and the NSW coastal areas and the NSW regional areas offer some of the toughest environments for solar systems, not only in Australia, but the world. We offer 7 tips to help you choose the best solar system that will stand up to this environment.

A few years ago, a particular popular solar panel which was the most installed brand in 2015 and 2016. The panel had a manufacturing fault in the way …

Is Solar for Business a No Brainer?

Have you considered solar panels for your business? Businesses across the country are realising the massive potential of solar energy to save money, reduce operating costs and put more profits back into the business. In this article, we’ll discuss the main reasons that businesses are now making the smart choice and installing solar energy.

Strong Savings on Business Energy Costs
Firstly, and probably most importantly, from a business perspective, solar energy provides considerable financial savings. All businesses want to reduce operating expenses and put more cash back on their balance sheet – one of the …

Are solar home batteries the future?

Instead of buying a solar system alone, why not invest in a battery and solar combination instead?
The benefits of a solar and battery combination benefits are obvious.

From increased electricity bill savings to blackout prevention, why are not all customers in Sydney and regional NSW choosing a battery and solar bundle?

Why are some customers still commit to solar only and leave the battery purchase for another day?

More recently the feed-in tariff FIT), meaning the money solar system owners get paid to export solar to the grid has been reduced again.

From a high of 60cents for each kWh exported in 2009, we …

Is the LG NeON H Ideal for Australia Conditions?

With improved high temperature performance, salt corrosion resistance, hail and wind resistance and a country wide LG 25-year product and performance warranty, LG NeON H solar Panels are uniquely suited to Australian climate and conditions.

The Australian environment features harsh conditions with extremes from storms to winter snows to searing summer heat. WithBacked with LG’s stability, the characteristics of the LG NeON H panels make them the ideal choice of solar panels for Australia.
The LG NeON H Panel is a Safe Choice
There is now way to sugarcoat it – the Australian solar market has been a minefield for Australian …

LG Leads with the Advanced NeON H 390W Solar Panel

The advanced LG NeON H solar panels build upon LG’s solar technology leadership. The technology in the NeON H panels positions them as the flagship range to replace LG’s most popular panel in Australia, the NeON 2. With the LG NeON H 390W solar panels now available in Australia, let’s take a closer look at some key technologies in the panel.
A History of Solar Research and Innovation
With leading expertise in the research, design and manufacturing of semi-conductor technology, LG (at the time known as GoldStar Electronics) first began researching multicrystalline solar cells in 1985 …

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