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Skylights, Tip & Advice

How Does a Dome Skylight Work? A Skylight Guide

The term dome skylight is a popular name for a tubular skylight that collects light through a dome on the roof. Skylights are a great way to bring in natural light and add character to your home. There are several main types of skylights so it's important to know how they work before you purchase. In this…

Tip & Advice, General

Why The Max Power MPS-390N Panel Is Ideal For Australian Conditions

The Max Power 390 Watt MPS-390N solar panel combines leading technology with long warranties making it ideal for Australian conditions. Australia experiences many sunny days with long daylight hours in summer. This makes it ideal for solar. However, our summers are very hot and roof temperatures easily reach 65°C. making it harsh for panels. We experience southerly busters and…