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Solar Battery

What Are the Benefits Of a Solar Battery In Your home?

Many Australian homes run on solar power during the day, but adding a solar battery is the next step in taking full advantage of the sun. Solar batteries store excess power produced during the day to help power the home at night to save on electricity bills. They can also provide backup during power outages. Let's look…

Solar Battery

Solar Batteries and The Future Of Sustainable Energy?

Australians are blessed with good weather throughout much of the year, with warm summers and generally mild winters being the norm. It's hardly surprising to see Aussies rapidly embrace renewable energy options, particularly solar power. A report from the Australian Photovoltaic Institute shows there were over 3.52 million solar PV installations in Australia as of June 2023.…

Solar Battery

Solar Batteries and Other Ways to Make the Most of Your Solar Panels

With energy costs constantly on the rise, Australians are seeking ways to save money. If you’ve installed solar panels in Sydney, there are numerous ways to maximise their benefits. Aside from standard factors like correct installation, purchasing high-quality products and optimising your solar panels’ positioning, there are many ways to get more for your money, such as…

Solar Battery, Solar Panels

Solar Power for Every Home: Unlocking the Potential of Solar Panels and Solar Batteries

Solar power has completely changed the way we generate electricity, offering homeowners a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional energy sources. With the advancement of solar panel technology, the decreasing price of solar battery storage and the abundance of sunlight in Australia, there has never been a better time to consider a solar panel installation for your…

Solar Battery, Solar Power Systems

4 Considerations For Choosing The Best Solar Battery

If you’ve considered making the switch to solar, you’ve probably wondered whether you need battery storage. It’s not essential to have a battery, however including one in your installation gives you a lot of added benefits.   Why Do You Need Solar Battery Storage? In a typical grid connected solar system setup, there are two main components:…