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Energy Saving Tips, General

How Solar Roof Vents Help Cool Your Home

One of the best ways to keep your home cool this summer is to add a solar powered rooftop ventilation fan. Solar roof vent will draw heat from the roof space which will help to keep your living spaces much cooler and reduce the cost of running air conditioning. The temperatures in your roof cavity can reach…

Commercial Solar Power, General

Commercial Solar Installation Process

You might be wondering whether it makes sense to go solar on your business premises. The answer is a very clear “Yes”, and in fact, solar installations are perhaps even more beneficial for commercial customers than residential ones. Here we look at the commercial solar installation process for a business. The Benefits Of Commercial Solar For Your…

Solar Panels, General

7 Reasons To Choose Max Power Solar MPS-390N Panel Now LG Solar Has Gone

LG has left the solar market. Customers who want premium quality solar panels with superior technology and features are scratching their heads about which panel to choose. In this article, we look at 7 Reasons to choose the Max Power Solar MPS-390N as the obvious alternative to the LG Neon H+ Solar Panel. For many years, the LG NeON…

Solar Power Systems, General

How To Purchase A Reliable Solar System

At times, investment into solar energy can be intimidating and stressful with a vast number of retailers and components to choose from. In this blog we pass on some tips to help you choose the right solar retailer. It can be very difficult to determine what products and company will provide the most reliable solution for you.…

Commercial Solar Power, Solar Panels, General

Is Solar For Business A No Brainer?

Have you considered solar panels for your business? Businesses across the country are realising the massive potential of solar energy to save money, reduce operating costs and put more profits back into the business. In this article, we’ll discuss the main reasons that businesses are now making the smart choice and installing solar energy. Strong Savings On Business Energy…

Solar Panels, General

7 Tips On Choosing The Best Solar For Sydney & NSW

Many of us when we explore if we should get solar for our home or business do not really know where to start with our research. Sydney and the NSW coastal areas and the NSW regional areas offer some of the toughest environments for solar systems, not only in Australia, but the world. We offer 7 tips…