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Energy Saving Tips

8 Tips To Keep Your Energy Bill Lower During Winter

As the winter months approach and the days get shorter, it’s a good idea to start thinking about your home’s energy efficiency. During winter, with the majority of us spending more time at home, energy use can spike. As a result, our power bills can skyrocket. Therefore, it’s important to consider your energy consumption and the potential…

Energy Saving Tips

How To Reduce Your Power Usage – And Your Bill – At Night

Solar energy is a great way to save money and slash your power bill. However, most residential solar systems without solar battery storage only power your home during daylight hours. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce your energy usage at night and save even more. Explaining On-Grid Solar Systems Most solar installed in Australia is “on-grid” solar. When you…

Energy Saving Tips

The Whirlybird

In the hottest continent in the world, we are obliged to battle the heat for much of the season. The excessive summer temperatures don’t make for a particularly hospitable work environment, but at the very least, we should be able to count on a reasonable degree of relaxing coolness in our homes. Circulation is absolutely vital for…

Commercial Solar Power, Energy Saving Tips

Who Thought Solar Panels Would Be An Investment Decision For Business Owners?

  By examining variables like “a client’s energy profile” and “a clients site & location” , and then listening to their financial goals, Solar Bright is able to calculate the size of commercial solar power installation most appropriate for the client and map a time-line for realising a return on investment (ROI) for the money you invest. The Background The business is Owned…

Energy Saving Tips, General

How Solar Roof Vents Help Cool Your Home

One of the best ways to keep your home cool this summer is to add a solar powered rooftop ventilation fan. Solar roof vent will draw heat from the roof space which will help to keep your living spaces much cooler and reduce the cost of running air conditioning. The temperatures in your roof cavity can reach…

Energy Saving Tips, Skylights

Energy Star Rating & NFRC Standards For Skylights

Several skylight brands advertise their products with the energy star logo attached, the certification and logo of energy star rating are from USA and is given to any product that can be proven to reduce energy usage. The logo is used by many certified products and skylights is one of them, The Energy star logo is a registered trademark…