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Why You Should Care About Energy Security and Strategies for Your Home?

Why You Should Care About Energy Security and Strategies for Your Home

Power outages aren’t much fun for anybody – especially in the modern world, where so much of our life and entertainment relies on electricity. However, power outages can be a lot more serious than not being able to watch Netflix for a couple of hours.

Why Should You Care About Energy Security?

There are many other reasons you should care about home energy security, and these are just a few.

Power Outages Can Affect Your Work

In the last couple of years, more and more people have started working from home. In the office, with power outages occurring in the day, many of us don’t care too much. However, if you work from home or run your own business from home, a power outage is going to compromise your ability to earn money. We rely heavily on electricity for everything in the home office – from laptops and PCs to the modems that keep us connected to the internet. So, to avoid issues when working from home, you need a power backup strategy.

There are Several Hidden Costs

If the power goes out at home for an hour or so, it may not cause too much of a problem. But what if the outage lasts longer? One of the biggest hidden costs is wasted food. If you’ve got a fridge and freezer full of food and the power goes out, it can spoil quickly. Plus, your freezer will likely start leaking water as the ice defrosts.

You may also find that some small home appliances become damaged in the process of power switching off and back on again from the source. While many modern homes use power boards and plugs with surge protection, that’s not the case in every home.

The Effects On Children

If we think back to even 20 years ago, a power outage was almost seen as a bit of fun for families. You get the candles out, play a board game, read books – it wasn’t really an issue. Fast forward to today, and children are more reliant than ever on being connected. Whether it’s online gaming, using computers for school work, or merely chatting with friends, much of their lives are invested in things that require electricity.

While most parents would argue that their kids should just be able to do without their devices for a couple of hours, it can still be distressing for children.

Medical Emergencies

One of the major problems with power outages is when medical emergencies occur. People often think of the elderly in this situation, but emergencies can strike anybody. Whether it’s an important piece of medical hardware such as a CPAP machine being affected by a power outage, or merely an inability to call for help because the phone isn’t charged, power outages do pose a significant risk to the health and well-being of anybody in the community.

How to Avoid Power Outages

Here are some ways to avoid power outages and protect your home’s energy security.


Generators have been used for many years to combat power outages, and they do a pretty good job of it. A generator runs on fuel, such as natural gas or diesel. They will turn on immediately in the event of a power outage, or if you have a very old generator, you may need to turn it on yourself. Either way, your home’s energy security is protected. Plus, with enough fuel, some generators can keep your home going for days if necessary.

The only downside is the need for continuous refuelling. Even if your generator is connected to your natural gas line, you are still somewhat reliant on the gas line being operational. If you run out of fuel or there’s a problem with gas, you’re still going to have to suffer through a blackout.

Solar Battery Storage

The best way to protect your home’s energy security is with a solar panel installation and solar battery storage. With a solar battery setup you can be virtually free from reliance on the power grid. Solar energy powers your home during the day, and excess energy produced is stored in a battery for use at night, or at other times when your system isn’t producing energy (such as cloudy days).

With this system, you can power your home 24/7 with free solar energy, provided your solar power system is big enough to handle your electricity needs and fill the battery. If you have an existing solar system and are considering adding a solar battery, look at your power bills and so how much excess power you are sending back to the grid. This will be the power you can use to fill a battery.

Many batteries now have the capability to provide emergency backup power to your home during a grid outage. The battery detects the blackout and automatically switches to backup mode.

Energy security is important for so many reasons, and a high-quality solar system and battery gives you the protection you need. Plus, you’ll save heaps of money on electricity bills and contribute to Australia’s green revolution. For more information, contact the team at SolarBright today, and we’ll be happy to arrange a free battery consultation.

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